Trip to South Africa

Trip to South Africa

South Africa is an amazing country where, with a well-developed economy, the level of crime and poverty is surprisingly high. But a trip to South Africa is worth risking your wallet.

Public transport

Urban transport in the country can be said to be absent. Buses on the streets of the city are very rare. In addition, many routes are not served at all on Sunday..

It is highly discouraged to use minibus taxis, since they are used exclusively for the passage of black residents of the country and are extremely dangerous for people with white skin..

Intercity communication

Intercity flights are operated by modern air-conditioned cars. Intercity trips are served by three companies - Greyhound; Intercape Mainliner; Translux

The cost of tickets is higher than if you were traveling by train. But the bus is much faster. Tickets are sold at the ticket offices of bus stations and it is advisable to book them in advance.


Catching a taxi on the street is almost impossible, and besides, it is also dangerous. Finding a parking lot is also very difficult. That is why it is necessary to order a taxi by phone.

There are two types of taxis in the country:

  • Regular. These cars have meters, and the fee per kilometer is fixed..
  • Private taxis. In this case, the cost of the trip must be discussed in advance..

Air transport

The country has three international airports: Durban; in Cape Town; in Johannesburg. The national carrier is South African Airways (SAA). It is he who performs almost all flights in the country. Domestic flights are quite expensive, but this is a payment for real comfort and impeccable adherence to the schedule..

Railway transport

The railway network in South Africa is quite extensive. Particularly heavy traffic occurs in the Witwatersrand, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban areas.

The price of the trips is quite affordable. An exception (ticket prices are slightly higher) are trains «Blue Train», «Rovos Rail», «Trans-Karoo» belonging to the category of superior comfort. In this case, the ticket price can reach the cost of air travel. It is recommended to book tickets one day before departure, regardless of the type chosen.

Trains are divided into several classes: Sitter coach; Sleeper-4 (four-bed sleeping compartment); Sleeper-6 (six-bed sleeping compartment).

Car rental

You can rent a car without any problems. The main thing is to comply with the conditions: the driver's age is over 23 years old; availability of an international driver's license. Insurance is already included in the rental price.