Resorts of South Africa: photos, description

Resorts of South Africa

Such an amazing variety of landscapes, climatic zones and ethnic composition of the population is difficult to find in a state of similar size anywhere else on the planet. Almost each of the nine provinces of the Republic of South Africa has special weather, geographic relief and even the customs of local residents, and therefore the trip will provide the traveler with impressions seriously and for a long time. People who are not poor flock to the resorts of South Africa, which is understandable - air tickets and tours here are not cheap. However, the material side rarely stopped true connoisseurs of exotic and special relaxation, because, after all, we only live once!

Always in the TOP

Beach resorts in South Africa are located along the coast of the country:

  • In Cape Town, the largest number of sunbathers happens in December-January. The height of summer in the Southern Hemisphere coincides with the Russian winter holidays, and therefore the Russian speech is becoming a common thing in this city. And the coast near Cape Town is a favorite vacation spot for surfers. Serious tests await beginners here, and real gurus will enjoy the real thrill of the opportunity to conquer the big ocean wave..
  • The beaches of Port Elizabeth are worthy candidates for the top cleanest beaches on the planet. On this occasion, they have been awarded Blue Flags more than once. Fans of secluded relaxation will find it a little noisy here, but on weekdays and on these shores you can find a secluded and quiet place to read a book or take a nap on a comfortable sun lounger.
  • The fashionable Yuan resort Durban is famous for its perfect diving. Diving in the waters here, travelers often come face to face even with tiger sharks. Lovers of pirate novels are attracted by old ships sunk off the coast of Durban.

On the green cloth of the casino...

Sun City resembles its "brother" in the Nevada desert - the same splendor and luxury as in Vegas, only in the heart of the African jungle. Today, this entertainment resort in South Africa is no less popular than the country's beaches. In addition to casinos, cinemas and entertainment attractions have been built here, first-class golf courses have been laid out and even its own airport has been opened near the city..
Sun City in South Africa invites you to try your luck on the cloth of a gambling table and test your courage in water attractions, each of which makes you flinch just from the description of entertainment. Volcanic eruptions, tsunamis and floods, falls from a height, free soaring and even live crocodiles on the golf course - the choice of way to get your adrenaline rush in Sun City is varied and quite impressive.