Airport in Novorossiysk: scheme, photo. How to get to Novorossiysk airport

Novorossiysk airport

Novorossiysk airport

The airport in Novorossiysk ceased to exist in the early 90s of the last century. Garage buildings are located in its place..
Currently international airport «Vityazevo», in Anapa, serves the agglomerations of the adjacent cities of Novorossiysk, Temryuk and Anapa. The airport is located in the vicinity of the village of the same name Vityazevo, 15 kilometers from Anapa, towards the northwestern part of the city. Its 2.5-kilometer runway is equipped with a modern light-signaling and radio beacon system, as well as the latest aircraft instrumental approach system. The capacity of the airline is more than 400 passengers per hour, including 60 passengers serving the point of international departure. More than 20 airlines carry out air transportation from Vityazevo to 50 directions in Russia and abroad.


Start of civil transportation from the airport «Vityazevo» falls on the end of the 70s of the last century, when the opening of a new airport took place, the construction of which began in 1969, but was kept secret, since it was planned to share the airfield with the Air Force.
The first passenger flights were made in 1977 on the Tu-154 aircraft. Now the airline is capable of accepting aircraft of all types of small and medium class with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 150 tons. The airport regularly renews its fleet of cars, expands the geography of flights and increases passenger traffic. In 2013 alone, the air harbor served about 800 thousand people.

Service and services

The small airport terminal has state-of-the-art facilities for safe passenger handling. In addition to the generally accepted range of services, the airport invites passengers to visit a small fur boutique «Morozko», there is a shop with souvenirs and a wine shop, in the assortment of which there is a branded Kuban wine.


There is a regular movement of city taxis, buses and minibuses for 16 seats from the airport to the city, going to nearby settlements. In summer, the frequency of movement is once an hour, in winter - once a day.

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