Gelendzhik for children - what to see. Where to go with a child in Gelendzhik

Gelendzhik for children

Gelendzhik for children

Spending a vacation near the Black Sea is very beneficial for your health and the health of your child. However, the child wants to play and communicate with children, the entertainment presented in the city will help in this. If you do not know what to see with children, we will introduce you to the most famous holiday destinations.

Where to spend active leisure time with children

Of course, the main places for tourists to visit are the beaches. Gelendzhik is famous for the cleanliness and spaciousness of its beaches. After visiting the beach, you and your child can walk along the embankment, it is very beautiful, and the main entertainment infrastructure is concentrated here. You can also go cycling by renting bicycles. These walks will allow you to explore new interesting places..
The city will be interesting for children by visiting the water park. There are three main water parks in Gelendzhik:

  • «Golden Bay»;
  • «Dolphin»;
  • «hippopotamus».

In the water park, you will have a great time with the whole family, as there are all kinds of attractions, playgrounds with clowns, shallow water pools, and there are also cafeterias with a variety of drinks and desserts. The most favorite tourist attraction is «Safari Park». In this zoo, you can see foxes, bears, wolves, lions, tigers and many other animals. You can explore the panorama by taking a ride on a cable car, you have the opportunity to go horseback riding, ride mountain bikes, go up in a hot air balloon.

Children's entertainment programs

If you are tired of outdoor activities, there are less active activities. Where to go with your child for a measured rest? Visit with your child «City of fairy tales», colorful performances will not leave him indifferent.
Children's playroom «Fidgets» - this is a great opportunity to spend a more relaxing time. For children, there is a TV room, karaoke, a games room, a dry pool filled with balls, and educational games. Qualified animators will create ideal conditions for an interesting pastime for the child. Near «Fidgets» there is a children's fairytale town, which has an outdoor swimming pool in the shape of a ship, a water park, a children's car park and a sports town.
Dolphinarium in Gelendzhik works all year round and is one of the few on the Black Sea coast with such a schedule. A visit to the dolphinarium will leave unforgettable memories of the show program. Children's dolphinarium will present a meeting with beluga, fur seals, dolphins.
Excursion to «Ocean Park» will allow you to make a vivid journey full of stories and facts related to marine life. Introduces deep-sea inhabitants, reveals the secrets of the seas.


  • Gelendzhik for children
  • Gelendzhik for children