Observation platforms of Gelendzhik. List of the best observation decks in Gelendzhik

Viewpoints of Gelendzhik

Viewpoints of Gelendzhik

Observation platforms of Gelendzhik offer their guests to see this resort city from a height with its modern health resorts, embankment (length - more than 14 km; a monument to the Scientist Cat is erected here) and beautiful streets.

Safari Park (top of the Markoth ridge)

The ascent to the best platform (640 m above sea level) for viewing the city and Gelendzhik Bay is carried out by cable car (in a 20-minute ride you will overcome 1600 m). It is worth noting that special views appear in front of the site visitors at sunset..

In addition, the guests of the park will be offered:

  • meet zebras, bears, monkeys;
  • see the dolmen;
  • visit “Bear's cave” (guests will see giant stalagnates, an underground lake and stalactites hanging from the ceiling, resembling an ice icicle), a bird's yard, a terrarium, a sea museum (there are at least 2,000 exhibits raised from the seabed), at an exhibition of butterflies;
  • satisfy your hunger in one of the cafes.

How to get there? Free express trains will come to the rescue, delivering guests to the safari park from the bus stop located on Kirova Street, 55.

Address: Odessa street, 13a; the cost of visiting all the objects of the park - 800 rubles (paying by credit card, the ticket will cost you 500 rubles; 5-12 year olds are given a 50% discount); official website: www.safari-park.su

The park “Olympus”

A cable car (length - 1150 m, lifting height - 420 m, the journey will take about 15 minutes) will take those who wish to the observation platform, which offers a view of Gelendzhik Bay and its surroundings..

Other entertainment options include a petting zoo “Call of the jungle”, where you can touch ponies, rabbits and other inhabitants; picnic area; Ferris Wheel (its diameter is 25 m; in the evening the Wheel is illuminated and can be clearly seen from the Embankment; 1 ride on the attraction is included in the cost of visiting the park, but if you want to ride again, then you will pay 100 rubles for a one-time ticket); and here you will also be able to visit “fire show” and a beer party or ride a rented ATV or bike.

Address: Kupriyanova Shchel street, 1; official website: www.park-olimp.ru; ticket price - 700 rubles / adults, 350 rubles / children 5-11 years old.

Stele “Gelendzhik”

There is an observation deck around the stele located at the entrance to the city - from here it is recommended to admire the picturesque view of Gelendzhik.

Since the settlement of Betta is part of Gelendzhik, having arrived here, travelers will be able to admire not only the village itself, but also the horizon line (walking routes are provided for walking; in clear weather, you can see the peaks of the Caucasus mountains).


  • Viewpoints of Gelendzhik
  • Viewpoints of Gelendzhik
  • Viewpoints of Gelendzhik