Children's camps in Sochi for the summer. Children's camps in Sochi 2015

Children's camps in Sochi

Children's camps in Sochi

Sochi is one of the most attractive resorts in Russia. Rest there is always unforgettable and bright. Children's camps in Sochi work all year round, accepting children from all over the country. A good holiday by the sea is possible in any season due to the mild subtropical climate. In this resort, the climatic conditions are the same as in the Mediterranean countries. The subtropical climate is considered the most favorable for humans..
Sochi is characterized by rainy, warm winters and sunny summers. The average annual temperature of the resort is 14 degrees..

Features of summer camps

The sphere of children's recreation in Sochi is very well developed. To choose the best option for a trip, you can contact the tour operator. Travel managers are well versed in a huge number of proposals and offer suitable options. The resort always offers a lot of interesting tours that differ in prices and programs. There are different types of summer camps in Sochi: sports, language, health, etc. They are located on the coast, in a green and ecologically safe area.
Children's camps in Sochi have landscaped areas immersed in the abundant vegetation of the South. There is everything you need for a quality rest: sports grounds, places for a quiet rest, canteens, new buildings with excellent rooms, etc. A varied and rich rest is guaranteed for children. The camps vary in terms of comfort level. If financial opportunities permit, parents purchase expensive vouchers that provide maximum services and accommodation in separate rooms. The budget option assumes that the child will be provided with accommodation in a room for 3-4 people.

Wellness holiday for children

Many people go to Sochi to improve their health. Any health resort in a sunny resort accepts tourists with children. Family tours are cheaper than usual ones, as almost all sanatoriums offer discounts for children under 12 years old. In addition, there are many health camps and children's sanatoriums on the territory of Sochi. Today there are 8 specialized sanatoriums for children. Rest in them is recommended for weakened children. For example, the treatment of heart disease is offered by the sanatorium «Youth», and the problems of the musculoskeletal system are dealt with by the specialists of the sanatorium. Semashko. On the territory of children's sanatoriums, there are children's and sports grounds, playrooms. In addition to treatment, children can get a full rest at the seaside resort.

Photos of children's camps in Sochi

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