Observation platforms of Volgograd. List of the best observation decks in Volgograd

Observation decks of Volgograd

Observation decks of Volgograd

Climbing the observation platforms of Volgograd, guests of the city will have the opportunity to admire from the height of the Central Embankment, river landscapes, Pavlov's house and other objects.

Tower of the Tsaritsyn fire brigade

This architectural monument of the 19th century, built of red brick with a richly decorated facade, is today used as an observation deck - it is located at a 30-meter height: on clear days, from here you can admire the city and its surroundings, in particular, see the Square of Fallen Fighters, the outlines of the city Volzhsky and Volzhskaya HPP.

Address: Kommunisticheskaya street, 5.

BC “Volgograd City”

This 27-storey building (its height is 116 m) houses a helipad - it is used to organize sightseeing tours around the city (flights over the city are carried out by the company “Aerosoyuz”), photo sessions, romantic meetings (rent of the site - 1000 rubles) and contemplation of the beauties of Volgograd.

Information on prices for tourists who decide to take a helicopter flight (maximum - 3 passengers): 15-minute flight - 9400 rubles; 30-minute flight - 20,400 rubles. In addition, an additional permit for a flight within the city is paid in the amount of 1,500 rubles..

How to get there? You can get to the BC by bus # 172 or route taxis # 25, 40, 39, 14 (address: Rokossovskogo street, 62; website: www.volgograd-city.ru).

Mamaev kurgan

This hill of natural origin is located at 113 meters above the level of the Volga River and is famous for the monument located here. “Motherland” (the total height of the monument is 85 m). It is worth noting that from the foot of the memorial to its top, travelers will have to overcome 200 steps.

Here they will be able to see walls-ruins, inscriptions-appeals, architectural and sculptural compositions, a rectangular pool, Squares of Sorrow and Heroes, as well as look into the Hall of Military Glory, in the center of which is the Eternal Flame, and then relax in a small and cozy park. Since conditionally on the top of the Mamayev Kurgan there is a viewing platform, then from there it is worth capturing a panorama of the city in a photo..

How to get there? Before stopping “Mamaev kurgan” You will be taken by trolleybuses No. 8, 15, 8a or fixed-route taxis No. 33, 30a, 70 (address: Marshal Chuikova street, 47).

Bald mountain

Being one of the best viewing platforms (the maximum height of Lysaya Gora is more than 145 m; a 20-meter monument is erected here), it invites its guests to admire the panorama of the southern part of Volgograd. It is worth noting that in May various events (holidays, rallies) are held here in honor of Victory Day.

Ferris wheel in the Children's City Park

Decided “to experience” attraction “All-round view-M” (1 circle - 150 rubles) will rise to a height of 27 meters and admire the nearest surroundings.

Address: Kommunisticheskaya street, 3.


  • Observation decks of Volgograd
  • Observation decks of Volgograd
  • Observation decks of Volgograd