Barcelona in 4 days: where to go in Barcelona

Barcelona in 4 days

Barcelona in 4 days

Spanish Barcelona is one of the most popular tourist routes not only in the country, but throughout Europe. The second largest city in Spain is famous for its beaches, unique architectural monuments, including magnificent creations from the heritage of the architect Antoni Gaudi. Being in Barcelona for 4 days means having time to see all the most interesting and exciting.

Sagrada Familia - the most famous long-term construction in the world

It is not for nothing that the Sagrada Familia is considered the main symbol of the capital of Catalonia. This extraordinary structure rises above the city and can be seen from almost anywhere in Barcelona. The construction of the cathedral, which began in 1882, continues to this day, and all work is carried out only with private donations. Such a condition was set by the initiators of the construction and their will has been fulfilled for more than a hundred years..
Antoni Gaudi gave forty years of his life to the cathedral. Today, his followers are working on the project, and in one of the finished towers of the church, you can climb to the observation deck to see the city. Excursion "Barcelona in 4 days" will not be complete without an excursion to the beloved brainchild of the great architect.

Park Guell

After the temple, guests of the city go to Park Guell, created by Gaudí at the beginning of the twentieth century. The main attraction of this green oasis is a bench curved in the manner of a sea serpent and decorated with collages of shards of glass and ceramics. The shape of the backrest follows the natural curves of the human spine, and therefore it is very convenient to sit on the bench and observe the visitors of the park.
The "Hall of a Hundred Columns" is open in the park, where concerts of local musicians are held. Gaudí achieved exceptional acoustics with a special layout and the presence of 86 Doric columns. The park also houses the architect's museum, where visitors can get acquainted with the habits and preferences of the master, see his personal belongings and books. The UNESCO organization included Park Guell, along with the rest of the works of the Spanish architect in the lists of World Cultural Heritage..

At the top of Tibidabo

Once in Barcelona for 4 days, guests go on an excursion to the top of Tibidabo. Towering over the city, it attracts travelers with its observation deck and amusement park. A funicular leads up the mountain, which can be reached by the famous Barcelona Blue Tram. The amusement park on Tibidabo is more than a hundred years old, and the Temple of the Sacred Heart nearby is no less beautiful than Notre Dame in Paris. The church hovers over the city, and its gothic lancet windows create a special play of light and shadow in the interior..



  • Barcelona in 4 days
  • Barcelona in 4 days