The best resorts in Spain. The best resorts in Spain for holidays

The best resorts in Spain

The best resorts in Spain

Spain is a country of passionate flamenco and castanets. A vacation spent in this magnificent country will remain in the corners of your memory for a long time. The best resorts in Spain will give a sea of ​​positive and wonderful rest.

Costa Brava

This resort area is located in the northern part of the Catalan coast. The "heart" of the city is the Lloret de Mar area - a place where there are many different bars and night discos.

Having decided to relax on the Costa Brava, be sure to take a walk among the local attractions, of which there are a huge number. The resort is just perfect for families with children. In addition to clean and well-groomed beaches, the city is replete with water parks and all kinds of attractions that will surely appeal to little travelers..

Costa Daurada

This resort is also called the Golden Coast. And this is quite justified, since the sand covering all the beaches of this place has a pleasant golden hue. It is comfortable to relax here with small children. The air temperature is kept within +25 degrees.

Sea and sun are not the only advantages of the resort. Barcelona's many attractions will keep you entertained. The Gothic Quarter and the Sagrada Familia are worth a visit. Art lovers will love the Picasso Museum.

Ibiza island

It is a gathering place for young people from all over the world. "Bes Island" - this is how the name of the resort is literally translated - gathers an incredible number of active young people. Avid party-goers come here, preferring to spend the daytime on the beach and a vibrant nightlife..

Gran Canaria island

The resort area is located in the south of the Canary archipelago. Most of the resort's beaches are located in its southern part, but the largest and most popular is Maspalomas. This unique dune beach stretches for 8 kilometers. In some places its width reaches 2 kilometers and then a complete illusion of being in the desert is created..

The air temperature in this resort area is quite comfortable. The average annual rate is approximately +20 degrees.

Tenerife island

This place is also called the island, where eternal spring reigns. And this is not surprising. After all, the average annual temperature does not fall below +23. And even in the winter season, the mercury column will remain at around +18.

The island is home to the Teide volcano and the national park of the same name. In addition, the resort has a couple of unusual beaches. On the first beach - Taganana - the sand is completely black. For the second, the sand was brought from the Sahara Desert itself..

Costa Blanca

A favorite vacation spot for many tourists. A special feature of the Costa Blanca is its white sandy beaches. The climate on the Costa Blanca is mild. Rains are quite rare, except in the northern regions. In summer, the resort is quite hot, the air temperature is kept at +32.

This is a great place for youth recreation. The resort area is famous for its vibrant nightlife. There are a lot of night discos here.

The best resorts in Spain are always full of guests from all over the world. Tourists who have stayed in this country will definitely come back here again..

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  • The best resorts in Spain
  • The best resorts in Spain
  • The best resorts in Spain