Holidays in Spain are traditions. National holidays in Spain

Holidays in Spain

Holidays in Spain

Holidays in Spain are bright and colorful fun that annually attracts numerous guests from all over the world..

Holidays and festivals in Spain

  • New Year: it is customary to celebrate this holiday noisily, going to popular festivities. On the New Year's table, as a rule, light snacks, a main course, sweets, wine, champagne are displayed (more plentiful treats are consumed on the Christmas holiday on December 24-25). It is worth following the example of the Spaniards and on New Year's Eve stroll through the main squares of the cities, taking part in events (processions, dances, pyrotechnic shows) arranged around the New Year tree. Exactly at midnight, you definitely need to eat 12 grapes for good luck all year round. And to make your wish come true, you need to spend New Year's Eve wearing new red underwear.
  • Epiphany Day (feast of the Three Wise Men): On January 6, colorful performances are held in Spanish cities - the marches of the kings. Late in the evening, the Spaniards gather at a laid table, and the children polish their shoes, put straw in them and put them out the door (according to tradition, kings leave coal or a gift in them).
  • Fallas: in the province of Valencia, the Spring Festival is held annually from 14 to 19 March. The start of the festivities opens with a pyrotechnics parade (Mascleta), then a flower festival is held (you can see how women dressed in national dresses lay flowers at the statue of the patroness), after which everyone is treated to a giant paella, which is prepared at the Valencia stadium. In addition, you can treat yourself to chocolate-filled donuts (bunuelos), which are sold literally at every turn. And the final stage of Fallas is the Fire Festival - La Crema. Its essence is to burn giant dolls installed throughout the city and made of papier-mâché (dolls are the personification of human vices or unpleasant social phenomena). After this action, people continue to have fun and dance until the morning..
  • Tomatina (last Wednesday of August): on this day in the small town of Buñol for one hour, residents of the city and thousands of visiting guests are allowed to arrange "tomato fights" - to throw ripe tomatoes like shells. The finale of the holiday is swimming in the pool with tomato juice.

Event tourism in Spain

Fans of event tourism should plan a trip to Spain in January-September - during this period, most of the festivals are held in the country. So, in January you can visit the March of Drummers (San Sebastian), in March - at the Fallas festival (Valencia), in July - at the costume show Christians and Moors (Alicante).

For music lovers, travel agencies are happy to organize a tour to Barcelona in June. In mid-June, the festival of electronic music and multimedia arts - Sonar is celebrated here (the show lasts three days). People who come to this celebration can see the most progressive DJs, multimedia shows and films, as well as dance on the sultry nights in the open air of Barcelona.

If you are a fan of jazz, feel free to head to Granada in November: the Jazz Festival takes place here for a whole month. You can listen to a course in jazz music, visit museums at thematic exhibitions and film screenings.

Traveling by car in Spain, you can plunge into one holiday or another (in each region, a festival is held every month).


  • Holidays in Spain
  • Holidays in Spain
  • Holidays in Spain