Detroit airport: diagram, photo. How to get to Detroit airport

Detroit airport

Detroit airport

The main airport of the American state of Michigan is located in Detroit. In addition to Detroit, Wine Country International Airport serves nearby cities such as Toledo, Ontario, etc. The airport has long been the leader in the United States in terms of takeoffs and landings..
In terms of passenger turnover, the airport is in the top twenty, serving about 32.5 million passengers a year. Most of the passenger traffic is domestic, with only 3 million international passengers annually.
Detroit airport has 6 runways, two 2591 meters long and 3048 meters long, as well as a runway 2654 and 3659 meters long.


Detroit airport is ready to offer its guests a variety of services that may be needed on the road. Hungry passengers can visit cafes, restaurants, eateries and pizzerias - everyone will find a dish to their liking. In addition, you can visit shops that offer various goods - souvenirs, clothes, drinks, including alcoholic beverages, perfumes, etc..
For passengers with children, there is a mother and child room at the terminal. There are also special playgrounds for children..
Business class tourists await their flight in a comfortable VIP lounge.
In addition, the airport has a conference room for business meetings..
On the territory of the terminal there is paid access to the Internet. Also, passengers can withdraw cash from ATMs or bank branches, exchange currency at an exchange office, send mail and much more..
There are companies that provide cars for rent at the airport, so tourists who want to travel on their own can contact their office.
If necessary, passengers can always seek medical help at the first-aid post or buy the necessary medicines at the pharmacy..


There are several ways to get from the airport to Detroit or other nearby cities. A simpler and cheaper option is a bus. There are regular buses from the terminal building that will take passengers to the city for a reasonable fee..
Alternatively, you can offer a taxi, as well as a rented car.

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