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US Airports

US Airports

The United States of America offers a wide range of opportunities for any vacation. Hundreds of flights from different parts of the planet leave for US airports every day, and the Russian traveler has plenty to choose from when getting ready to travel..
Aeroflot planes fly to New York, Washington and Los Angeles several times a week, spending 9, 10 and 12.5 hours in the sky, respectively. Boston, Chicago or Miami can be reached on the wings of European carriers with connections in the Old World. American Airlines, Delta Air Lines and United Airlines provide ample room for maneuver. You can take a domestic flight to Hawaii or Alaska in any major city in the United States. Transit flights via the United States to third countries are only possible with an American visa.

USA International Airports

Aviation is the main and favorite way of transportation for Americans after a car, and over long distances it is the only one, since railways are inconvenient and very expensive. There are also many international airports among the hundreds of US airports, but the following are considered the most popular:

  • JFK in New York is the largest in the country in terms of international traffic. The bulk of tourists arrive here, hundreds of connecting flights to cities in the Western Hemisphere are organized here. Website -
  • Hartsfield-Jackson in Atlanta is the hub of Delta Air Lines, and most of the flights to Central and South America on the carrier's wings land in Atlanta. Website -
  • Honolulu Airport is responsible for transporting tourists to the Hawaiian Islands. Most of the trips around the archipelago start from here. Website -
  • In Las Vegas, dozens of boards land every day with those wishing to try their luck on the green cloth of the casino. Taxi and limousine drivers will help to overcome 8 km to the city center - it is customary in the country to order this type of transfer to and from the airport. Website -
  • 11 km from the city of eternal summer Miami is the US airport, where compatriots often fly. The local beaches and nearby Disneyland attract thousands of US visa holders as their holiday destination. Website -
  • The city where this US international airport is located needs no advertising. Los Angeles's 10 Air Gateways are always full of people wanting to go shopping on Rodeo Drive and lay their hands on the stars on Hollywood Boulevard. Website -

Metropolitan direction

The Metropolitan Airport is located 42 km from Washington. This air harbor receives and dispatches up to 20 million passengers annually. The list of the busiest routes from the capital of the USA includes London, Frankfurt, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and Amsterdam. Los Angeles, San Francisco, Denver, Atlanta and Chicago are the leaders in the TOP local destinations.
Major carriers based at Dulles Airport are American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and US Airways
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