Suburbs of Chicago - photo, what to see

Suburbs of Chicago

Suburbs of Chicago

The third largest metropolitan area in the United States is located on the shores of Lake Michigan. Often referred to as the city of winds, the majestic panorama of Chicago skyscrapers is one of the most recognizable urban landscapes in the world. The suburbs of Chicago, by contrast, are low-rise and quiet. There are sleeping areas here and these cities are unlikely to ever be able to claim the title of especially interesting tourist sites. However, some of them have amazing sights that make travelers climb into the Chicago hinterland..

451 degrees Fahrenheit

Ray Bradbury's cult novel was written on a rented typewriter at his home in the suburbs of Chicago. Today Waukegan is a place of pilgrimage for fans of the novel and Bradbury's work. Here, the fire department described in the book, where the main character worked, and the public library, in which you can still see people who want to read paper books, despite the age of electronic.
Among the architectural landmarks of this suburb of Chicago are the lighthouse, which turned 100 years old in 2012, and the historic Genesee Theater, erected in 1927. The natural beauties of the Waukegan neighborhood are protected and are in the status of reserves - there are more than a hundred lakes in the district alone..

Carillon in Illinois

A musical instrument with at least 23 bells is called a carillon. They are usually located on city towers or church bell towers, and the clockwork makes the carillon play a certain melody several times a day..
A suburb of Chicago has been listening to its own bell ringing since Independence Day 2000. The town of Naperville, with the appearance of the Moser Tower, where the musical instrument is installed, became an international celebrity, and the fame of Carillon Millennium crossed the borders not only of the state, but of the entire country..
The tower was built with private donations from people who want to write their names in American history. Its four facets embody the main values ​​of the town - family, education, society and commerce, and the number of bells cast in Holland significantly exceeds the required minimum - 72 handsome bronze men play a magnificent melody every hour.
The tower itself soared into the sky 50 meters and its height is slightly higher than the Statue of Liberty in New York. The observation deck, which offers a magnificent panorama of the Chicago suburbs, is located at a height of 14 floors. You can climb it in calm clear weather, overcoming many steps.


  • Suburbs of Chicago
  • Suburbs of Chicago