Boston districts - name, description, photo of Boston districts, where to stay for tourists

Districts of Boston

Districts of Boston

Interested in Boston's neighborhoods? View a map of the Massachusetts capital and features of its main areas.

Boston neighborhood names and descriptions

  • Chinatown: Here travelers will find Chinese and Vietnamese restaurants and markets.
  • Charlestown: tourists will be able to take a photo here against the backdrop of red brick houses.
  • Beacon Hill: It is recommended to walk along the streets, which are illuminated by gas lanterns, as well as inspect the old government house (the building is decorated with imperial heraldic animals in the form of a lion and a unicorn; a small museum should also be looked into).
  • Financial District: tourists will be interested in visiting the New England Aquarium - here they will see penguins, turtles, colorful jellyfish, inhabitants of coral reefs of warm seas. If desired, they will be able to pick up a live crab or stroke the stingrays passing by. As for the children, in the aquarium they are attracted to interesting activities in which they will be told, for example, how the fish living in the sea are counted..
  • Back Bay: the area is interesting for the Boston Public Library (it contains more than 15 million volumes, 250 newspapers, 650,000 photographs; if necessary, you can visit the restaurant open at the library) and the Trinity Temple (it is recommended to admire the frescoes by artist John La Farge).
  • North End: interesting by the Paul Revere house-museum (here you can see pieces of furniture belonging to the Revere family) and the Old North Church (its height together with the spire is more than 50 m; the structure is a reflection of the Georgian style), as well as in the summer months in festivals in the area (they are held in honor of the patron saints of different regions of Italy).

Boston landmarks

A tour of Boston includes a tour of the Massachusetts State Capitol (you can admire the murals that are the work of Edward Brodney), the Cathedral of the Holy Cross (the building is a reflection of the pseudo-Gothic style; a high school is open at the cathedral) and Park Street Church (famous for its high and graceful spire), a visit to the park Boston Common (is a venue for sporting events and concerts; walking through the park, vacationers will see interesting monuments, the Brewer Fountain, Frog Park, which turns into an ice skating rink in winter), the Museum of Fine Arts (visitors will see 450,000 works of art belonging to the collections of the "Ancient East "," Paintings of American Expressionists "," Japanese Ceramics "and others) and the Science Museum (visitors are shown 500 interactive expositions, with great attention paid to the animal world, and they are also invited to visit the IMAX cinema and planetarium).

Where to stay for tourists

Interested in Boston's upmarket neighborhoods? Pay attention to Beacon Hill - in addition to high-class hotels, antique shops and expensive restaurants have found a "haven" here. Quite inexpensive accommodation can be found in the Mission Hill residential area (many students live here). A good place to stay is the Back Bay area, where you can walk, visit trendy boutiques and admire Victorian-style houses built from brown sandstone.

Photos of Boston neighborhoods

  • Districts of Boston
  • Districts of Boston
  • Districts of Boston