7 options for celebrating the New Year in the best climatic conditions in the world

7 options for celebrating the New Year in the best climatic conditions in the world

7 options for celebrating the New Year in the best climatic conditions in the world

Warm New Year under the Canary Islands sun. Outdoor sports, sun and beach, diving, surfing and golf are just some of the activities during the New Years holidays..

Madrid, October 2014 - jackets, scarves and often even snow ... This is a typical New Year's scene, but if you put it all into the background, you can find something more. In winter, temperatures in the Canary Islands hover around 18 degrees Celsius, making any of the seven islands ideal for celebrating an alternative, warm and sunny New Year in the best climates in the world..
For those who are not yet lucky enough to visit the archipelago, those who are looking forward to returning there, or those in search of an extraordinary destination for their New Year's holidays, the Canary Islands offer more than just a unique climate. From a large number of various tourist destinations, we have selected some of the most beautiful areas in which tourists can decide to celebrate the New Year, depending on the activity of their rest and the number of the company..

  • Tenerife: This island is known mainly due to the presence on it of the highest point in Spain - El Teide, however, Tenerife has a lot of entertainment in addition to this volcano. For those who want to celebrate the New Year with their family, there are many beaches in Tenerife where children are allowed. Water parks and a variety of leisure centers are also available. For a romantic getaway, there are places like LasCañadasdelTeide with a picturesque coastal town. Nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts can visit forested areas such as the Corona El Teide Forest Reserve and its surroundings or the MacizodeAnaga mountain range with its pristine beaches and enchanting forests..

  • Gran Canaria: To celebrate the New Year with your family, this island has many suitable places, such as the Las Canteras beaches, which are perfect for the smallest family members. The old quarters of the cities Vegueta, Agüimes and VillaMarianadeTeror are interesting places for family walks. Do not forget about zoos (for example, PalmitosPark) and museums (for example, the Science Museum in the capital). The neighborhoods of Puerto Mogan and the surroundings of the Maspalomas lighthouse are ideal for romantic walks. Moreover, the sunsets over the natural pools of RoquePrieto and LosCharcones are especially romantic, this is the beauty of celebrating the New Year in the warmth. Nature lovers can explore the unspoiled beaches of Güi-Güi, theBandamaCrater and RoqueNubloNaturePark.

  • Fueraventura: CorralejoViejo and CaletadeFuste - these are beaches popular with families on both New Years and Christmas. Here you can rent a family cottage for a weekend in the charming towns of AntiguaandLasPlayitas and leisure parks. Couples can visit Lobos Island, the fishing village of Ajuí and the CotilloandCofete beaches, unique destinations for New Year's holidays. To start the new year surrounded by nature, a trip to Sotavento Beach is a great option, while water sports enthusiasts are advised to visit theDunasdeCorralejoNatureParkanddivingatFarodeJandía.

  • Lanzarote: Celebrating the New Year by the sea on one of the white sandy beaches will certainly be an unforgettable experience for both children and adults. No less memorable will be a camel ride through the amazing expanses of the Timanfaya reserve, where the smallest family members will also be amazed by the massiveness of the volcanoes. An extraordinary contrast to the traditional snowy New Year holidays. The quaint landscapes of Lanzarote's coastline are also suitable for romantic getaways if you know where to go. The most attractive places are theDunasdeCorralejoNaturePark and diving in FarodeJandía. For a more original New Year's Eve lovers of wind and waves can relax on the beaches of Famara or the Los JameosdelAgua zone. The Canary Islands are also a great diving destination during the New Year holidays. One of the best places is Chica Beach. The landscape of the island is convenient for hiking, which can end with a dip in natural pools in Las Malvas, Tinajo volcanic zone, formed from the lava of Timanfaya volcano.

  • El Hierro: A lush green area means relaxing outside the home alone or with someone. New Year's Eve on El Hierro implies peace and quiet. The two picturesque towns of ElMonacal and Valverde are worth visiting, but the island's main attractions are the ElMonacal and Valverde zones, panoramic views of La Peña, depicted by the artist Cesar Manrique. A visit to the ElCharcoAzul Natural Pool is highly recommended. This place is ideal for couples to watch the sunset. To explore the underwater landscapes, head to Restinga, where diving is a great way to forget.

  • La Palma: known as IslaBonita, or «beautiful island», where you can celebrate the New Year with breathtaking landscapes such as the Caldera de Taburiente Nature Reserve. This is the best beach for family fun and sunbathing. For seclusion, there are places like Bujarén, little-known pristine beaches for couples to relax after exploring the island. Gazing at the stars is also a great holiday option for families and couples alike. The easiest way to spend New Year's Eve in search of the Star of Bethlehem is Lomode Caballos, LaMontañadeSanBartolo, thepanoramiclookoutofMontañaQuemadaand, ofcourse, RoquedelosMuchachos. The Canary Islands are rightly considered the best place in Europe for stargazing, and La Palma and its surroundings are best suited for this..

  • La Gomera: this island, especially the ValleGranRey area, is the most suitable for combining family and beach holidays. If you are looking for the cleanest places, then nearby is the PlayadelInglés beach, where you can have a good time with children. For those visiting the island in pairs, it is imperative to capture the panoramic landscapes of Abrante and Palmarejo, which offer the best views from the island. To enjoy the sunsets on the first or last days of the year, you should definitely visit the natural pools Hermigua and CharcodelConde.

These are just a few ideas for celebrating an alternative New Year in the unique climatic conditions of the Canary Islands, but there is much more to explore..

About the Canary Islands

The Canary Islands are the place with the best climatic conditions on Earth for an unforgettable vacation at any time of the year. The archipelago, consisting of seven islands, is ideal to forget about everyday problems, have a good rest and return home in a wonderful state of mind and body. Beaches, volcanic landscapes, welcoming locals, the opportunity to be outdoors around the clock, as well as a large selection of accommodation and recreation, keep visitors to the Canary Islands again and again..


  • 7 options for celebrating the New Year in the best climatic conditions in the world
  • 7 options for celebrating the New Year in the best climatic conditions in the world
  • 7 options for celebrating the New Year in the best climatic conditions in the world