Streets of Shanghai - photo, name. List of famous streets in Shanghai

Streets of shanghai

Streets of shanghai

Shanghai is one of the largest metropolitan areas in the world and an important financial and cultural center of the PRC. Today, the city's population is more than 24 million people, and every year the streets of Shanghai welcome new migrants from the province. This city never sleeps and at any time of the day it resembles a giant anthill. However, despite all its ultramodernity, Shanghai was able to preserve a considerable number of cultural monuments of imperial times, therefore it is popular both among those who are interested in everything new and advanced, and among admirers of antiquity..

It is better to plan your trip to Shanghai in advance. Currently, there are many interesting programs provided by tour operators. However, an independent journey can turn out to be much more interesting and exciting and it is better to start it from the most famous and popular places..

Nanjing street

This street is a colossal market. Along the entire street there are tens of thousands of retail outlets where you can buy almost anything. Shops, shops, shopping centers, luxury salons, VIP hotels and inexpensive hotels, restaurants, cafes and public catering establishments - this street can be called a city within a city. So, it is Nanjing Street that falls on the first place in the itinerary of tourists in Shanghai..

Huaihai street

Huaihai Street is the epitome of Shanghai's luxury and wealth. Here you cannot find some beautiful sights and ancient monuments, but there are plenty of elite designer salons, fashion houses and other establishments for high-profile guests. It is here that wealthy Shanghai people prefer to shop, there are much fewer tourists here than on the same Nanjing Street.


Xintiandi is a kind of European quarter in Shanghai. It is interesting that this particular street is especially popular with guests from Asia, who walk here day and night, taking a photo as a souvenir..

Bund Bund

This picturesque corner also cannot be ignored by any experienced traveler, because the Bund is unique. At one time, seekers of adventure and income from all over the world settled here, so this area is replete with cultural monuments of a wide variety of styles and their combinations..

Hengshanlu Bar Street

This street, bearing such a strange name, is also quite famous. This is one of the most famous places for entertainment and recreation in Shanghai, and the atmosphere here is so cozy and homely that tourists from all over the world feel equally comfortable here..

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  • Streets of shanghai
  • Streets of shanghai
  • Streets of shanghai