Taxi in Shanghai - prices, order. How much does a taxi cost in Shanghai

Taxi in Shanghai

Taxi in Shanghai

Taxis in Shanghai are licensed vehicles with a sign on the roof “Taxi” (at a free taxi, a display under the windshield on the control panel is lit) and equipped with meters. In addition, many cars have air conditioning and a color touchscreen TV, although mostly commercials are broadcast on it..

Do not forget to pay attention to the left corner of the windshield - there you will see asterisks by which you can judge the skill level of the driver (the more, the better), who will be lucky.

Taxi services in Shanghai

If necessary, you can contact the hotel staff - they will call a taxi for you. But in any case, finding a taxi will not cause any difficulties for you - you can stop it right on the street. Since many Chinese taxi drivers do not speak English, it is advisable to take an English-Chinese card and a business card of the hotel in which you are staying when traveling..

If you are planning to order a taxi by phone, you may need the following numbers: 96840; 96933; 62580000; 96961. If you wish, you can come to the call, both ordinary sedans and minivans, and executive class buses (this is especially important for traveling groups).

Cycle rickshaw and motorcycle taxi services in Shanghai

Since there are separate roads for bicycles and motorcycles in Shanghai, it is quite safe to ride rickshaws (you can find them in places where tourists gather).

Rickshaw rides (a 3-wheeled bike with or without a sidecar, body, awning, cab) will cost about 6 RMB (bargain to bring down the price), and a motorcycle taxi (these services are provided by motorcyclists) will cost about RMB 3 per 3-5 km trip.

Taxi cost in Shanghai

Many travelers are concerned about the question: “How much does a taxi cost in Shanghai?” The following information will help to clarify the situation with prices:

  • for boarding + the first 3 km, passengers will be asked to pay 12 yuan, and for each subsequent 3 km - 2-2.8 yuan / 1 km;
  • a night trip (from 23:00 to 06:00) will cost 30% more than a day trip;
  • for a simple taxi for 5 minutes, the passenger will pay 2 yuan;
  • you should be prepared for additional payments that are provided, for example, for travel on toll roads.

Important: you can only pay in a Shanghai taxi in yuan. You can pay for travel not only in cash, but also with special plastic cards, which are used to pay for travel in public transport.

When leaving a taxi, do not forget to take a receipt, which shows the license plate of the car and the telephone number of the company (next time, if you like the service, you can call this taxi or call there if you find that you have forgotten your things in the car).

It will be most convenient for guests of Shanghai to get around the city by taxi, which can be used at any time of the day..

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