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Shanghai Tours

Shanghai Tours

The most populous city in China, Shanghai is home to nearly 25 million people. Its panorama is recognizable - a TV tower with a huge sphere, a skyscraper that looks like a bottle opener, and a tower that has become the third tallest among the world's structures of all time. One of the fastest growing cities in the world, Shanghai has a long history. Already in the 15th century, it was the main seaport and an ideal place for trade. Today tours to Shanghai are an opportunity to get acquainted with the traditional oriental culture, which is closely intertwined in modern China with the most progressive achievements of mankind..

Briefly about the important

  • The climate in Shanghai is quite humid. The rainy season begins at the end of May and continues throughout the summer. The air temperature during this period can exceed +30 degrees, and therefore tours to Shanghai in June-August are not the best way to spend your vacation. Sunny and dry autumn is the optimal season for a comfortable trip.
  • The modern system of public transport in the city allows you to easily get to any point in a fairly short time. Among the undisputed favorites of locals and visitors alike are Shanghai metro lines and bus routes.
  • A specially designed railway will help you quickly get to the city from the international airport. Its trains reach speeds of up to 430 km / h due to the magnetic suspension. The train successfully covers the distance of 30 km in less than eight minutes.
  • In the twentieth century, Shanghai became a city where tens of thousands of people from Europe and Asia immigrated. Today, various cultures and customs are mixed here, and therefore, in addition to traditional Chinese cafes and shops, in the city you can find restaurants of any cuisine from all known in the world or a European-style souvenir shop.

A city from a fairy tale

Going on a tour to Shanghai, you should stock up on comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. You will have to walk a lot and for a long time, because there are dozens of architectural and cultural monuments in the city. Most of the city's residents are Buddhist, and one of the most famous temples here is Longhuasa. Its 40-meter pagoda is a symbol of the old city. Luhuasa is gigantic in size, the area of ​​the temple is more than 20 thousand square meters, and it was built, according to legend, in the III century during the Three Kingdoms.
There are dozens of European colonial-style buildings on the Bund. There are so many of them that the embankment is often called the Museum of World Architecture..



  • Shanghai Tours
  • Shanghai Tours