How long is the flight from Beijing to Moscow? Time of flight Beijing - Moscow

How long is the flight from Beijing to Moscow?

How long is the flight from Beijing to Moscow?

In Beijing, you could see the Great Wall of China and walk along its restored sections, visit the Summer Imperial Palace and the Beijing Observatory, visit the Mao Zedong mausoleum, as well as the theme park "Peace Park" (there are miniature sights of 30 countries of the world) and an amusement park Happy Valley? Now is the time to fly to Moscow?

How long is a direct flight from Beijing to Moscow?

China and the capital of Russia are almost 5800 km away, so your flight will last about 8 hours.
So, you will spend almost 8 hours on board an Air China aircraft, Transaero - 7.5 hours, Aeroflot - 8 hours 05 minutes.
The average price of a Beijing-Moscow air ticket is 24,800 rubles (you can expect to buy the cheapest air tickets in July, May and September).

Flight Beijing-Moscow with transfers

Connecting flights, usually in Guangzhou, Novosibirsk, Dubai, Munich, Yekaterinburg, London, Istanbul and other cities, take 13-31 hours.
A flight to Moscow via Zurich ("Swiss") will increase your air trip by 15 hours, via Yekaterinburg ("Ural Airlines") - by 14 hours, via Dubai ("Emirates") - by 19 hours, via Frankfurt am Main ( "Air China") - by 16 hours, via Amsterdam ("KLM") - by 19 hours, via Munich ("Lufthansa") - by 15 hours.
As for several transfers, by making them in Zurich and Geneva ("Swiss") you will extend your trip by 23.5 hours, in London and Warsaw ("Virgin Atlantic") - by 1 day 5 hours, and in Paris and Prague ( "China Eastern Airlines") - for 20 hours.

Choosing an airline

The flight in the direction of Beijing-Moscow is carried out on aircraft (Boeing 767-200, Airbus A 319, Boeing 747-400, Airbus A 321) of one of the following airlines:
- China Eastern Airlines;
- "KLM";
- Qatar Airways;
- "S7 Airlines".
You will be offered to check-in for the Beijing-Moscow flight at Beijing Capital Airport (PEK) - it and the central part of the city are 20 km away (you can get here by bus or metro).
It should be noted that the most convenient way to travel between terminals is on a special train..
Due to the fact that the airport has a special baggage handling system, you will be able to check in your suitcases both a few hours and 1 day before departure..
While waiting for the flight, passengers can be offered to walk in the Winter Garden, have a bite to eat at public catering points, go shopping in a large shopping and duty-free zone, visit an Internet cafe.

Things to do on the plane?

During the flight, do not forget to decide who to present gifts purchased in the Chinese capital, in the form of Chinese tea, umbrellas, pearl jewelry, silk, ceramics, jade, ivory, porcelain and crystal, images and figurines of dragons, vases, paintings, painted on silk or canvas, figurines carved from wood.


  • How long is the flight from Beijing to Moscow?
  • How long is the flight from Beijing to Moscow?