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Provinces of China

Provinces of China

A huge state, located in the central part of Asia, has long attracted attention both with its richest history and many monuments of ancient culture, but, most importantly, with a rapid pace of development. The main feature of the Chinese is the ability to preserve their past, treat it with respect and, mastering the complex modern world, look to the future with confidence..

This country has a rather complex administrative division, the basis is made up of 23 provinces of China, in addition to them there are special administrative and autonomous regions..

Province of beautiful sunrises

This is Anhui, a province that is one of the most densely populated regions in the country. It is located in the east of China between the Yellow River and the Yangtze. The locals consider the Huangshan Mountains to be their main attraction, which are recognized as one of the most picturesque in the world. They have the highest domestic rating in terms of popularity among tourists and are included in the UNESCO list as a unique natural complex. More than 140 places in the mountains are ready to receive tourists whose main dream is to see an incomparable sunrise from one of the peaks.

Island province

This is Hainan, which has found shelter in the South China Sea and consists of many islands, the name of the largest of which coincides with the name of the province. The province has the second largest area in China. Thanks to the tropical climate, tourism is actively developing. There are many hotels and inns of different levels on the coast, offering a variety of beach activities.

These places have a rich flora, which also attracts tourists who can see and taste the most exotic fruits here, such as lychee, longan and starfish. Most of Hainan Island is occupied by tropical rain forest, which is a very beautiful and mysterious sight..

Record holder

Guangdong Province has found a cozy spot in southern China, breaking all records for the number of inhabitants, of which there are more than 100 million. Geographically, its neighbors are, in addition to other provinces:

  • special administrative regions of Macau and Hong Kong;
  • Hainan province occupying territories on the islands.

The provincial capital, Guangzhou City, is located on the coast, with warm and humid weather due to its subtropical climate. Such conditions are favorable for the flowering of plants, for which the capital is also called «city ​​of flowers».

Pictures of China's provinces

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  • Provinces of China
  • Provinces of China