Resorts of China: photos, description

Resorts of China

Resorts of China

It would seem that fans of oriental exoticism fly to China, especially since this country with an ancient history has a huge number of architectural, natural and cultural attractions, so unlike any other on the planet. In fact, it turns out that beach holidays in the Middle Kingdom are also set on a grand scale, and the resorts of China annually accept more and more aircraft with Russian tourists..

For or Against?

The arguments for a China beach tour are pretty obvious:

  • The resorts of China are perfectly equipped for the most comfortable stay. The hotels here are very comfortable, and the service is in no way inferior to the European.
  • Opportunities for recreation on the beaches of China are successfully combined with medical and wellness programs. It is here that you should try the wonders of the famous oriental medicine, because certified specialists practice in hotels and spa centers. Another significant plus is thermal healing springs, and therefore it is now customary to fly to the Celestial Empire and "to the waters".
  • The exoticism of the East in the resorts of China is flourishing in full measure, but it looks quite civilized, and therefore even not too ardent fans of local cuisine, for example, can always find dishes adapted to the average European taste in the menu..

The disadvantages of the Chinese beach direction are invariably the remoteness of the local resorts from the European part of Russia and not very common even English among the local population. However, the knowledge of languages ​​at the resorts of China every year is demonstrated by an increasing number of service personnel, and for the inhabitants of Siberia and the Far East, the distance to the Middle Kingdom just seems to be optimal..

Always in the TOP

The best and most popular resorts in China are concentrated on the Hainan Island. Only in the winter months it is quite cool here for swimming, and in other seasons, the beaches of Sanya and other cities are full of satisfied tourists..
The most luxurious vacation is offered by the beach hotels of the Yaluwan resort, called by the locals the paradise on earth. In addition to white sand and perfectly clear water, Yaluvan is famous for its coral reef, where whole colonies of diving fans "nest".
Sanya is a classic of the Chinese resort genre. Hotels - for any income, in restaurants - a varied menu, and only one problem for the lazy - all hotels are not located on the first coastline.
There are many Russian tourists in Dadonghai, tempted by pleasant prices and an abundance of entertainment venues, and in Sanyavan gourmets can be attracted by many fish restaurants and ideal shopping opportunities..


  • Resorts of China
  • Resorts of China