Holidays in China in October: prices and weather. Where to relax in China in October

Holidays in China in October

Holidays in China in October

In October, the climatic contrast between different regions of China can be noted. What weather conditions should you expect?

Weather in China in October

In Hong Kong and Guangzhou, the air warms up to + 28C during the day, and cools down to + 17 ... + 20C by night. There can be seven rainy days per month. In Shanghai, which is washed by the East China Sea, it is possible to note a significant coolness. The maximum temperature is + 22C. The night temperature is usually + 14C. Make sure you have an umbrella, as there can be eight or nine rainy days in October.

In the central province of Sichuan, daily fluctuations are + 14 ... + 20C. In the capital of China, which is located in the northeast, during the day it can be + 19 ... + 20C, at night - no more than +8 degrees. If you want to explore Beijing for yourself, take care of the availability of warm clothes. Advantages include the beginning of the dry season, so no waterproof shoes are needed..

In Tibet, it can be + 1 ... + 16C, so daily temperature fluctuations have a negative impact on health..

Holidays and festivals in China in October

When planning a vacation in China in October, try to arrive in the country at the beginning of the month. The first day is traditionally celebrated as the Founding Day of the PRC, which is a national holiday of interest to travelers. The main events are held in Beijing. On round dates at the beginning of the solemn program, it is customary to hold a military parade. In ordinary years, the festive program of the Founding Day of the PRC includes folk festivals and fairs, thematic concerts, as well as performances that allow you to learn about Chinese culture. In the evening you can see a fireworks display of amazing beauty.

Prices for travel in China in October

Please make sure to book your hotel room in advance, as it may be difficult to find a hotel during the holiday period. Despite this nuance, you should visit the Founding Day of the PRC, because it will diversify your vacation.

From the second week of October, prices return to their usual level. In Hainan, October is the low season, so you can achieve significant savings while still enjoying your holiday..

Take the chance to discover China, one of the most extraordinary countries in the world!

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  • Holidays in China in October
  • Holidays in China in October