Flag of the Congo: photos, history, meaning of the colors of the national flag of the Congo

Congo flag

Congo flag

The state flag of the Republic of the Congo was officially approved on August 18, 1958, when the country received the new status of an autonomous republic, part of the French Community..

Description and proportions of the flag of the Congo

The flag of the Congo is a traditional rectangular panel, in which length relates to width in a ratio of 3: 2. The colors of the Congo flag are traditional for African states: bright green, yellow and bright red. They are symbolic for the inhabitants of the black continent. For the Congolese, red means a tribute to all the heroes who died fighting for the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of the Congo. The yellow field on the flag is a symbol of the natural resources of African lands, in the depths of which many minerals are hidden. The green part of the flag of the Congo tells about the natural resources of this country.
Unlike the overwhelming majority of world powers, whose flags have horizontal or vertical flag stripes, Congo has diagonal stripes on the panel. Above and to the left, the triangular field is bright green. The lower right corner is red. The center of the flag is occupied by a yellow stripe.

History of the flag of the Congo

The national flag of the Congo was first officially approved in 1958, when French colonial rule ended. The country in the status of an autonomous republic adopted its own flag, coat of arms and anthem.
Soon, a political upheaval took place in the country, parliament was abolished, and the central committee of the Congolese Labor Party took over the management functions. At the end of 1969, in connection with these events, the state flag of the Congo was also changed. They became a rectangular cloth of bright red color, in the upper left square of which the coat of arms was applied. It was a crossed hammer and a hoe, placed between palm branches. The coat of arms was crowned with a five-pointed star, and at the bottom there was a ribbon with the motto of the republic, inscribed in French: «Work. Democracy. Peace». The palm leaves on the coat of arms were depicted in green, the hoe, hammer and star - in gold, and the ribbon was white.
The democratization of the country and the emergence of a multi-party system in the Congo in the early 90s of the last century led to the fact that the ruling party found itself in opposition, and the flag of the 1958 model again became the state flag. It was re-established as an official symbol on December 30, 1991, and the Congo flag has remained unchanged since then..

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