Entertainment in Crimea - amusement parks in Crimea

Things to do in Crimea

Things to do in Crimea

The Crimean peninsula has always been of interest to tourists as a place of recreation for young people, married couples with children, leisurely pensioners, amateur athletes, adherents of active and beach recreation. What entertainments await vacationers in Crimea?

Zoo «Story»

This is the first private Crimean zoo located on the territory of the city of Yalta. In total, 600 animals live in it, which look just fine. Zoo guests can feed the animals. To do this, at the entrance you can buy your favorite animal delicacies and feed the inhabitants of the zoo during walks. At the same time, it is even allowed to enter the enclosures of some animals. If you wish, you can take a picture with the cubs. Extremals will love the cafe above the tiger enclosure - the floor in the cafe is completely transparent.

Winery «Massandra»

Not everyone will allow themselves to miss a visit to this place. Getting into the territory «Massandra» you can immediately forget about a consumer drink from the nearest supermarket. Here you will find a tasting of real live wine.

The plant building attracts in itself only by its appearance. You will see a real medieval castle with gray stone walls, towers, narrow loopholes and forged arched gates. An indispensable part of the excursion is a visit to the Golitsyn cellars. The collection of wines available here has almost a million bottles and has long taken pride of place on the pages of the Guinness Book of Records.

We advise you to choose an extended tour, which includes not only a tour of the cellars, but also a wine tasting.

Sevastopol Aquarium

It is also called the main supplier of urban horror stories. Periodically, residents of the city begin to inform each other that one of the exotic inhabitants of the aquarium has taken to the run. Sometimes a rumor turns out to be a reality, in particular, a yellow Vietnamese python lived on free bread for a whole month.

But there are not many exhibits capable of escape. After all, the main inhabitants of the aquarium are waterfowl. These are tropical fish, turtles and rays. Guests can also view a collection of dried exhibits. Here you can see both toothed piranhas and large Kamchatka crabs. Children will really like it here, however, adults too.


An excellent opportunity not so much to watch the performances of smart mammals, but also the opportunity to swim with them in the same pool.


  • Things to do in Crimea
  • Things to do in Crimea
  • Things to do in Crimea