Holidays in Cuba in March: prices and weather. Where to relax in Cuba in March

Holidays in Cuba in March

Holidays in Cuba in March

Are you planning to visit Cuba in March? In this case, you can enjoy the ideal weather, which will delight you with sunny and warm days..

March represents a veritable spring in Cuba. The number of hours of sunshine increases every day. Now the daylight hours are seven hours. The air warms up to +27 degrees during the day. The water warms up to +24 degrees, so tourists can enjoy their beach vacation to their fullest.

March belongs to the dry season. You should be prepared for the fact that the relative humidity is 54% during the day and 84% in the evening. On average, it rains 4 days a month. The amount of precipitation is about 46 mm. The average wind speed is 3 meters per second.

Holidays and festivals in Cuba in March

When planning a vacation in Cuba in March, you can enjoy a rich cultural leisure. Have you already decided to start planning your upcoming trip? So which activities deserve your attention?

  • The Grapefruit Harvesting Festival attracts tourists from around the world. Juventud Island is an agricultural center where a significant amount of grapefruit is harvested. On Juventude, every year in late February or early March, a festival is held, which is dedicated to the harvest of grapefruit. The duration of the holiday is several days. Festival performances attract many people who want to see dances and concerts, try a variety of salads, fruit desserts, drinks and even hot dishes, which include grapefruit..
  • On March 8, Cubans celebrate International Women's Day and honor the fair sex. Cubans agree that every woman has an important role to play in society and therefore deserves respect. On March 8, various celebrations are held, which pleasantly surprise all tourists.

Will you be able to visit Cuba in March and enjoy the pleasant weather, beach holidays, rich cultural activities? In addition, the cost of tours to Cuba pleasantly pleases with its democracy and allows you to fully enjoy the trip!

Holiday photos in Cuba

  • Holidays in Cuba in March
  • Holidays in Cuba in March