Bus tours to Georgia. The cost of bus tours in Georgia 2016

Bus tours to Georgia

Bus tours to Georgia

Georgia keeps its doors open in all seasons, but most often tourists come here in spring or autumn. This is not only a country with a rich cultural heritage, but also stunning nature and clean air. Georgians are very hospitable people and are ready to host tourists all year round. You will certainly like Georgia not only due to the abundance of sights and beautiful views, but also due to the unique Georgian cuisine. Bus tours to Georgia will give you the opportunity to visit this country, paying absolutely ridiculous money, but at the same time getting a lot of new impressions.

Total cost of tours

The earlier you book the tour, the cheaper it will cost you. If you have the opportunity to go on the tour not in splendid isolation, but as a whole group, the discount will become even more noticeable. A competent choice of transport will also help to save money. For example, if you agree to endure a little inconvenience and travel some part of the journey by train, then you will save a significant amount of money that you would have had to spend on organizing an air flight..

The tour price will include:

  1. hotel accommodation;
  2. one meal a day (breakfast);
  3. constant services of a professional guide;
  4. transit of tourists along the entire route;
  5. payment for excursions listed in the approved tour program;
  6. medical insurance.

Excursions of your choice, the desire to visit which appears spontaneously during the trip, as well as any additional meals are paid by the tourist separately.
The minimum cost of a good tour to Georgia is from $ 300. For 300-500 dollars, you can manage to get such impressions that you will not get in any other country in the world, and this is what attracts tourists on tours to Georgia..

Of course, only the most comfortable buses are used on the tour. Travel by bus will be quite relaxed: if you are going to visit Georgia in the summer, then do not be afraid of the stifling heat - each bus is equipped with an air conditioner. On the road, you will be able to rest in an almost horizontal position during the night crossing. There are also sockets on buses where you can charge your phone or other electronic device, and young travelers are especially pleased with TVs with a large selection of movies and music..

As a rule, the location of the hotels offered by the tour operator is very convenient - you can always independently drive to any part of the city and explore it yourself, as well as buy souvenirs and taste the national cuisine. If you have any questions, you can always contact the guide.

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