Coat of arms of Georgia: photo, meaning, description

Coat of arms of Georgia

Coat of arms of Georgia

At one time, three Caucasian republics were also part of the Soviet Union. They received freedom only in the 90s of the last century with the collapse of the USSR and the formation of independent states. Therefore, it is not surprising that the modern coat of arms of Georgia recently celebrated the first decade of its life..

Georgian splendor

The artists who created the main Georgian state symbol drew inspiration from the rich history and culture of the country. Among the main elements of the coat of arms:

  • red shield;
  • Saint George, who is the patron saint of Georgia;
  • the crown is the symbol of Bagrationi, the royal family;
  • golden lions acting as supporters;
  • important motto - «Strength in unity».

Historians and connoisseurs of heraldry, naturally, note that many details of the current symbol of the country are identical to those that were depicted on the coat of arms of the Bagrationi house back in the Middle Ages. Since this royal family earned the honor and glory of Georgia, it is not surprising that the elements and symbols of this particular noble family were chosen..

Georgian history

Other states that existed on the territory of modern Georgia also had their coats of arms. The first of these is the independent Georgian Republic, which lasted only three years, from 1918 to 1921. Its coat of arms was also filled with ancient national symbols, although it was created anew. Its author was academician, famous Georgian artist Yevgeny Lansere.

The main element is a star with seven rays, framed by a golden ornament. In the center of the coat of arms there was a national shield with the image of St. George, ready to fight the enemies of Georgia, that is, he was dressed in military armor, armed with a golden spear and a shield. In addition to him, there were images of heavenly bodies: the sun, the month, as well as three more stars, this time eight-pointed.

It was replaced by the coat of arms of the Georgian SSR, together with the change of power. The authors of the Soviet Georgian coat of arms were Academician Joseph Charleman and Yevgeny Lansere, who previously took part in the creation of the state symbols of the country. That is why certain features of the coat of arms of the independent republic have been preserved in the main state emblem of Georgia. But the complex Georgian ornament that framed the rays of the star disappeared, and Saint George took off his military attire and was dressed by the artists in more festive outfits..

After gaining independence in 1991, the old coat of arms was returned, and in 2004 it was decided to modernize it, reflecting the symbols that have not lost their meaning after centuries..


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