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Traditional Georgian cuisine

Traditional Georgian cuisine

Food in Georgia is characterized by the fact that the peculiarity of Georgian cuisine is the abundance of sauces, cheeses, spices and spices.

Food in Georgia

The diet of Georgians consists of vegetables and fruits, meat (pork, lamb, beef, poultry), fish, herbs and spices (leek, mint, tarragon, parsley, basil, cilantro, garlic, saffron, cinnamon), sauces (berry , fruit, nut).

Arriving in Georgia, you can try various sauces, both as a separate dish, eating it with bread, and as an addition to other dishes (for example, you can taste fried chicken with satsivi, garo, satsebeli, tkemali, barberry or nut sauces).

In Georgia, you will have a unique opportunity to taste a meat dish that no other meat dish in the world can match in terms of juiciness and subtlety of taste. This dish is called “a bull on a spit” - a calf is placed in a whole carcass of a bull, a lamb is placed in a calf, a turkey is placed in a lamb, a goose is placed in a goose, a duck is placed in a goose, and a chicken is placed in a duck (herbs are placed in the intervals between the meat of various animals). True, to taste such a dish, you need a special occasion..

As for everyday meals, you should definitely try kebabs, borani, kharcho, chakhokhbili, lobio, shkmeruli (chicken in garlic sauce) and other dishes.

If you are an adherent of vegetarian cuisine, then you can try badrizhani (slices of fried eggplants topped with nut sauce), lobiani (pastries based on bean paste), mkhali (salad based on one vegetable and a dressing of pomegranate juice, herbs, onions, garlic, walnuts, spices).

Where to eat in Georgia? At your service:

  • restaurants;
  • cafes and street food (here you can try all kinds of pies);
  • ludis bari (the menu of these beer bars is similar to that of a restaurant);
  • khinkali (in addition to khinkali, you can taste other dishes of Georgian cuisine here).

Drinks in Georgia

Popular drinks in Georgia are coffee and wine. Since Georgia is famous for its wines, lovers of dry wines should enjoy such wines as “Gurjaani”, “Tsinandali”, “Teliani”, “Kvareli”, “Mukuzani”, semi-dry and semi-sweet - “Tetra”, “Baraconi”, “Chkhaveri”, “Kindzmarauli”, dessert - “Hizvi”, “Saamo”, “Salkhino”, fortified - “Anachi”, “Cardanachs”.

Gastronomic tour to Georgia

Going on a gastronomic tour to the Khevi mountain region, in local restaurants you will be treated to lobio, khinkali, corn cakes, and in Kakheti you can stay at the house of a Georgian family, where you will be given a lecture on baking Georgian bread, churchkhela and barbecue. In addition, you will be invited to visit the family wine cellar - here they will tell you about how Georgian wines are prepared and allow you to taste homemade wines.

Traveling to different regions of Georgia, you will meet locals who will happily teach you the process of preparing traditional Georgian dishes..

Photos of Georgian national dishes

  • Traditional Georgian cuisine
  • Traditional Georgian cuisine
  • Traditional Georgian cuisine