Airport in Karaganda: scheme, photo. How to get to Karaganda airport

Airport in Karaganda

The airport in Karaganda Sary-Arka is located 22 kilometers from the city center towards its southeastern part. The runway of the airline with a length of 3.6 kilometers is reinforced with concrete and is capable of receiving all types of aircraft without restrictions. For many years the airport has been cooperating with more than 10 airlines in the world, including the Russian air carriers Transaero Airlines, Aeroflot, AK-Russia. Sary-Arka operates daily flights to almost 20 destinations, including European tourist countries..


The beginning of flights at the Karaganda airport falls on February 1934. The first flights were mainly for cargo and postal purposes. Only by 1937, passenger traffic began to be carried out on small-sized aircraft of the PS-9 type, with a capacity of 10-12 people.
In 1944, the airport received a new location, and 10 years later, office premises and a new terminal building were built here..
The airline entered a new stage of its development in the 80s of the last century, when, after reconstruction, new runways, passenger and cargo terminals were launched. Since that period, air links have been established connecting the region with the major cities of the Soviet Union. Flights to Moscow, Kiev, Leningrad (St. Petersburg), Minsk, Omsk departed from here daily.
The early 2000s dictated their requirements for the country's airlines. The Sary-Arka airport did not go unnoticed either. Large-scale reconstruction has made the airport a modern high-tech aviation enterprise that meets the requirements of international standards.

Service and services

The airport in Karaganda has all the necessary means to create comfort for passengers. On the second floor of the passenger terminal, there is a mother and child room with changing tables and seating. There is a left-luggage office, a medical center, and a playground.
For believing passengers there is a prayer room with Muslim paraphernalia and ritual items for ablution and performing namaz.
Round-the-clock security of the airport is provided. There is a parking lot for personal vehicles at the station square.


From the Yugo-Vostok bus station to the airport and vice versa, regular buses run regularly. Buses leave every 2 hours. Also city taxi services offer their services..

Photos of Karaganda airport