Tourism in Kazakhstan - development, photo

Tourism in Kazakhstan

Exotic Asia has long been a tasty morsel for thousands of white-skinned European tourists who flock here every year in search of cultural treasures and natural resources. Kazakhstan, indeed, knows how to please, surprise and delight, regardless of whether a traveler arrives in the country for the first time or a visit has already become a tradition with him..

As observers note, tourism in Kazakhstan is developing rapidly, active construction of hotels and places for living of different levels is underway, unique excursion routes are being developed, the number of festivals and open national holidays for lovers of oriental culture is increasing..

Journey to the Valley of the Seven Rivers

The lands located in the southern part of Kazakhstan have such a poetic name. We can say that it is here that the main Kazakh crossroads of historical roads and the destinies of ancient tribes are located. Part of the famous Great Silk Road also passes through these territories..

Therefore, tourists who have chosen this region to visit have every chance to go along the great roads, to see thousands of historical monuments and architectural complexes..

Acquaintance with the southern capital

Having lost the status of the main city of Kazakhstan, Alma-Ata, nevertheless, has not lost a single gram of its tourist attractiveness. Amazing oriental architecture, ancient monuments and modern masterpieces of Kazakh architecture attract guests of the former capital.

In addition, many historical landmarks and amazing natural formations can be found in the vicinity of the city, including:

  • Issyk Lake, which is nestled in a picturesque gorge surrounded by the mountains of the Zailiyskiy Alatau;
  • a gorge with relict groves, Saki mounds and the Turgen river, striking with its waterfalls;
  • Valley of Castles or Haunted Gorge, where, due to weathering processes on the walls of the rocks, fantastic characters were formed.

Travel to Altyn-Emel

This National Park, which has such a beautiful name, is located in the west of the Dzhungar-Alatau mountain range. It is considered the largest protected area in Kazakhstan. Tourists discover the unique colorful landscapes of the Aktau mountains, ancient fossils and dinosaur footprints in the sandy Katutau mountains.

The first ancient settlers also left their traces here. Many of the tourists go to the Scythian burials of Bes-Shatyr and the collection of rock paintings Tamgali-Tas. And one more miracle, this time musical, - «Singing dune». Moving around, sand dunes emit amazing sounds similar to organ music.

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