Airport in Shymkent: scheme, photo. How to get to Shymkent airport

Airport in Shymkent

The airport in Shymkent of republican significance is located 10 kilometers from the center of the city of the same name, towards the western part. Its artificial runway has a length of 3.3 kilometers, which allows the company to accept aircraft of all types for servicing. Except for JSC «Shymkent airport», here three more airlines of Kazakhstan received a permanent place of deployment - the Shymkensky branch «Kazaeronavigation», representative office of JSC «Kazaeroservice», as well as units of the air force of Kazakhstan.
The airport accepts aircraft of 6 airlines, including Russian - Transaero, and Kazakhstan - SCAT, Air Astana, Irtysh Air. The capacity of the enterprise is 400 passengers per hour.


The beginning of Shymken aviation dates back to March 1932, when an airfield was founded in the vicinity of Chimkent (the old name of the city) to serve agricultural aircraft. Later, in 1963, a new airport was opened in Shymkent in the place where it is based today. And in 1967 the terminal building was built and an artificial runway was laid. The airline produced only local flights.
Today the international airport in Shymkent serves over 100 thousand people a year.

Service and services

The airport in Shymkent has a full range of services for the safe service of passengers. There are comfortable waiting rooms in the arrival and departure areas of aircraft, a luggage room with a baggage packing service, a bank branch and a currency exchange office are organized..
Passengers with children under 7 years old are provided with a mother-and-child room with beds and a changing table. There is a medical center and a police station that provides airport security.
A cafe offers its services, the assortment of which always has hot coffee. On the territory of the passenger terminal, voice and visual information about the movement of flights is provided.
There is a parking lot for personal vehicles and city taxis at the station square..


From the airport parking lot to the city there is a regular movement of regular buses and minibuses, designed for 16 seats. The frequency of movement is 15 - 20 minutes. Also city taxi services offer their services, you can order a car by phone while still in the air.

Photos of Shymkent airport