Airport in Petropavlovsk: scheme, photo. How to get to Petropavlovsk airport

Airport in Petropavlovsk

The international airport in Petropavlovsk Kazakh is located 11 kilometers from the southeastern border of the city. Its 2.5 km long runway is reinforced with asphalt concrete and is capable of accommodating medium and small aircraft with a maximum takeoff weight of up to 170 tons. However, the airport currently serves only local air services. Daily, 8 times a week, flights to Astana and Alma-Ata depart from here on An-24 aircraft.
The airport was built in the early 70s of the last century. And during its existence, the reconstruction and repair of the airline was carried out only once. Therefore, literally everything here requires thorough repair or replacement. For safety reasons, the company has imposed significant restrictions on the reception and maintenance of many types of aircraft..

Development prospects

Currently, a plan has been developed for the reconstruction of the airport in Petropavlovsk. Already allocated from the local budget about 250 million tenge for the technical re-equipment of passenger and cargo terminals, as well as the reconstruction of the runway.
There will be a significant expansion of the passenger terminal towards the apron. Equipped with a green and red zone to serve passengers arriving from near and far abroad.
It is planned to bring the airport in Petropavlovsk in accordance with the requirements of international standards in terms of the safety of passenger service, as well as creating comfort and convenience, taking into account aesthetic parameters..
According to IA Novosti-Kazakhstan, the first item in the reconstruction plan is the repair and technical re-equipment of the runway, which will be completed in 2015.

Service and services

The airport in Petropavlovsk has a minimum range of services for serving passengers. There is a medical center, a room for mothers and children, and a storage room. There are ticket offices, food outlets, post office, kiosks of printed materials. Round-the-clock airport security is provided.
There is a parking lot for personal vehicles at the station square. Passengers with disabilities are provided with a meeting and escort to their destination, if necessary, special transport is provided.


From the airport in Petropavlovsk there is a regular movement of public transport, as well as minibuses for 16 seats. City taxi services offer their services.

Photos of Petropavlovsk airport