How long is the flight from Almaty to Moscow? Time of flight Almaty - Moscow

How long is the flight from Almaty to Moscow?

In Almaty, you managed to see numerous fountains, the Independence Monument, the Palace of the Republic, the Ascension Cathedral and the Almaty TV Tower, visit the Central State Museum, admire the panorama of the city from Mount Kok-Tobe (you could climb it by cable car), spend time on a high mountain skating rink Medeo, go to the Charyn canyon? And now you are immersed in thoughts of returning to Moscow?

How long is a direct flight from Almaty to Moscow?

Almaty and Moscow are 3100 km away, so you will spend about 5 hours in flight.
On board the Air Astana aircraft you will stay for 4 hours 50 minutes (landing at Sheremetyevo), and Transaero - 5 hours 05 minutes (disembarking at Vnukovo).
On average, Almaty-Moscow air tickets cost 12,600 rubles, but the most affordable tickets (8,600 rubles) will be offered to you in September, April and November..

Flight Almaty-Moscow with transfers

Travelers wishing to get to the Russian capital may be offered to take a ticket for a connecting flight involving a transfer in Bishkek, Istanbul, Astana, Antalya and other cities (the journey will take from 7 to 23 hours).
So, you will be home in 6.5 hours if you fly to Moscow, making a transfer in Astana ("Air Astana"), after 10 hours - when transferring in Istanbul (Turkish Airlines), after 21 hours - when connecting in London ( "British Airways"), after 16.5 hours - when connecting to Atyrau ("Air Astana"), after 15 hours - when connecting in Amsterdam ("KLM").
If you are offered to fly with 2 transfers, for example, in London and Frankfurt am Main ("British Airways"), then you will find yourself on your homeland 15.5 hours after the start of your air travel, and if in Istanbul and Antalya (" Air Astana "), then after 14 hours.

Choosing an airline

The following air carriers operate flights from Almaty to Moscow (with them you will fly on Embraer 190, Boeing 737-900, Airbus A 330-300, Boeing 757, Canadair Regional Jet):
- Air Astana;
- "Transaero";
- "KLM";
- Turkish Airlines.
Flights to Moscow are carried out from Almaty airport (ALA), located 13 km from the central part of the city (you can get here by buses No. 79 and 86).
Here you can use the services of an exchange office and pay phones, look into newsstands, specialized souvenir and duty-free shops, satisfy your hunger in cafes or fast food restaurants..
And if necessary, travelers can also visit the prayer room..

Things to do on the plane?

The flight allows you to read magazines and think about who to present gifts bought in Almaty in the form of a mantle pot, Kazakhstani cognac, Rakhat chocolate, Kazakh dolls in Kazakh national costumes, wall carpets depicting the Almaty mountains, camel figurines , silver jewelry in the national style.