Metro Almaty: scheme, description, photo. Almaty metro map

Almaty metro: diagram, photo, description

The off-street public transport system in Almaty was opened in 2011. Almaty metro became the second in Central Asia after the subway in the capital of Uzbekistan.
So far, Almaty metro has only one operating line, on which 7 stations are open. The Almaty subway transports up to 20 thousand people per day, which is about 7 million a year. The length of the route of the first line of the Almaty metro is 7.6 km.
The Almaty metro line starts from Raiymbek Avenue and goes south, making a right-angle turn to the west on Abai Avenue. The second terminal station is Gagarin Avenue. The route is covered by train in about 16 minutes. South Korean-made four-car air-conditioned trains run on the line.
In the future, the city authorities plan to extend the first metro line to the west and build several stations to the Almaty station. The second metro line will connect the Orbita 1-4 microdistricts in the south-west of the metropolis with the Duman microdistrict on its northeastern outskirts. The third line of the Almaty subway in the future will run from the Kazakhfilm microdistrict in the south and merge with the first route in the north at the Nizhnyaya Pyatiletka station.
The decision to build the Almaty metro was made back in Soviet times, and the first work was carried out in the period from 1988 to 1994. Due to difficulties with financing, the deadlines for the delivery of the subway were repeatedly postponed until construction was resumed in 2005..
Video and photography are prohibited in the Almaty metro without written approval from the management of the facility.

Opening hours of the Almaty metro

The Almaty metro opens daily at 6.00 am and accepts passengers until 24.00. The interval between trains at normal times is about ten minutes. During rush hours, reserve trains run on the line, which reduces the waiting time for a train to 5-6 minutes. The speed of trains in the Alamata metro is about 40 km per hour.

Almaty metro tickets

You can pay for travel on the Almaty metro by purchasing contactless smart cards. They are replenished through cash desks at stations or special automatic terminals. The second way to pay for metro services is to buy tokens that are valid until the end of the current day. Expired tokens can be used in the Almaty metro on Saturday.
Children aged seven to fifteen, upon presentation of a birth certificate, can travel in the Almaty metro for half the cost of an adult ticket.

Photos of Almaty metro