Water parks in Almaty - photos, prices, description

Water parks in Almaty

Almaty is a paradise for families and children, as well as for those who are not averse to having fun in water entertainment complexes, because there are several water parks!

Water parks in Almaty

  • Aquapark “The eighth wonder of the world”: it will delight visitors with indoor and outdoor areas, where they will find 6 swimming pools (the depth of children's pools - 40 and 90 cm), 8 hills for adults (“Yellow hole”, “Abyss”, “Multislide”, “Black hole”), children's mini-slides, beach volleyball court, 3 cafes.
    Ticket prices (weekdays): children (from 1 year old to 150 cm) - 3000, adults - 3900 tenge. Ticket prices (weekend): children - 3500, adults - 4400 tenge.
  • Aquapark “Family park”: it has 4 water slides, 4 swimming pools (children's pool depth - 40 cm), 2 cafes. On weekdays, a ticket will cost 3500 for adults, for children (from 2 years old to 150 cm) - 2500 tenge, and on weekends - 4000 and 3000 tenge, respectively.
  • Water park in the sanatorium “Alatau”: here you can find pools with a counterflow and hydromassage; water geysers; play pool with water attractions “Cobra” and “Rabbit” (the water in the pools is heated to 28-31˚ C); cascading waterfalls; sauna (visit is available by appointment); waterslides (“Rainbow”, “Tobogan”, “Black hole”). Admission for adults is 3000, and for children (up to 12 years old) - 1500 tenge. Visiting saunas is paid separately at a rate of 1500 tenge / hour for 1 person.
  • Aquapark “Hawaii”: it is equipped with swimming pools for visitors of all ages, including a wave pool (12 types of waves); slides (height - up to 20 m, length - up to 160 m), of which attractions for adults stand out - “Anaconda”, “Fast river” (4 tracks), “Rafting River”; children's area with bridges, water cannons, lagoons, 6 slides and “whale tails”, from which streams of water flow; food establishments; SPA-zone with Turkish bath, Finnish sauna, 3 swimming pools, ice room, solarium, rooms where cosmetic services are provided in the form of massage, masks, body wraps and fish-peeling. Tickets on weekdays: children (up to 1.1 m) - 1,700 tenge / 2 hours (all day - 3,000 tenge), adults - 4,000 tenge / 2 hours (all day - 5,000 tenge). Tickets on weekends: children - 3200 tenge / 2 hours (all day - 4000 tenge), adults - 4600 tenge / 2 hours (all day - 5500 tenge). Approximate prices in the SPA-zone: Hawaiian massage - 6000 tenge / 1 hour, royal massage - 3000 tenge / 20 minutes, stone therapy - 5000 tenge / 40 minutes, honey face mask - 2000 tenge / 15 minutes.

Water activities in Almaty

If we talk about water activities, then guests of Almaty can delight themselves by visiting the center “Dolphin” (adult ticket - 2500, children - 2200 tenge), which is equipped with a large swimming pool for children, 60 cm deep, jacuzzi, saunas, gyms and massage rooms.

In addition, you should pay attention to the Almaty Dolphinarium - here you can not only see a show with the participation of animals (the show, depending on the time of the session and the day of the week, costs 2000-7000 tenge), but also take pictures and swim with them..