Districts of Astana - name, description, photos of districts of Astana, where to stay for a tourist

Districts of Astana

Astana is divided into three administrative-territorial units.

Names and descriptions of districts of Astana

  • Esil district: famous for the Ice Palace “Alau” (has an Ice Arena, a fitness center with a sauna and a yoga room, a 4-star hotel; and guests are also invited here to sports competitions), a stadium “Astana Arena”, Republican cycle track “Saryarka”, tower “Baiterek” (it is recommended to look into the panoramic hall - here you can see the city from an 86-meter height), ethno-memorial complex “Map of Kazakhstan “Atameken” (300 models of 14 regions and 2 cities are exhibited here for the judgment of visitors - they will see significant natural objects, bridges, architectural and historical monuments, miniature mausoleums, mountains, famous buildings, a railway), Lovers' Park (an excellent place for relaxation and romantic walks; here you can take beautiful photos, admire thematic sculptures and romantic landscape compositions), the Capital Circus (in addition to fascinating performances with the participation of equilibrists, gymnasts, magicians, trainers and jugglers, the building itself, which has an original interior and an unusual shape in the form of a flying saucer, is of interest) , an entertainment center “Duman” (will delight the visitors of the show in the animatronics theater “Jungle”, attractions, a casino, a bowling alley, a cinema, an oceanarium where you can admire the underwater world and attend the shark feeding procedure), a shopping complex “Khan Shatyr”, made in the form of a transparent tent (represents “town” with dining establishments, fashionable boutiques and various entertainment), the Sky Beach Club water park (guests will have a rest on the beach with sand from the Maldives, swimming in the pools, roller coasters). And if you wish, you can walk along the embankment of the Esil River, take a bike ride, admire the performances of street artists or take a ride on a water tram or catamaran.
  • Almaty district: this area is filled mainly with educational and medical institutions.
  • Saryarka district: its attractions are the State Philharmonic Society, the Museum of the First President (a collection of 148 items from 30 countries in the form of paintings, sculptures, objects of applied art; guided tours “Weapon collection”, “Gifts to the President” and others), the Gorky Music and Drama Theater, the Seifullin Museum, sports complexes “Eurasia” and “Astana”. It is worth noting that a visit to Astana will allow travelers to walk along Vodno-Zeleny Boulevard, admiring the three-level bridge and singing fountains, as well as to entertain themselves with a water excursion and skiing on the Ishim River (a pleasure boat is at your service).

Where to stay for tourists

There are many luxury and economy-class hotels in Astana - cozy rooms, attentive staff and additional services will be waiting for guests..

Do you want to stay closer to the Ishim River? Look for the right hotel near the riverfront.

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Photos of districts of Astana