Attractions in Astana: photo, entertainment. Amusement parks in Astana

Attractions in Astana

Astana is the modern capital of Kazakhstan, which lost its provincial status in 1997. And although not even 20 years have passed since then, during this time the city has undergone colossal changes. From a small, gray and inconspicuous, it turned into an ultra-modern metropolis, where life resembles a seething cauldron.

Nowadays, there are many places that are attractive to tourists. Hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, shopping and entertainment centers and attractions of Astana are waiting for tourists all year round to please them with their originality and unique combination of modernity and traditional oriental flavor..

For entertainment in this city, it is customary to go to large shopping and entertainment centers. Here they occupy huge areas and offer very exciting and rich programs..

Entertainment Center «Madagascar»

Every visitor to this establishment will find here: many attractions; slot machines; areas for riding on electric cars; numerous cafes. The main feature of this mall is a rather large labyrinth in which it is quite possible to get lost. Detailed information about the center can be found on its website

SEC Khan Shatyr

Another famous place that every tourist should include in his itinerary list. Unlike the previous one, this mall can offer a much richer program, so before the trip you need to clearly decide how much money to take with you, otherwise the temptation to spend everything and immediately play a cruel joke with the traveler. SEC Khan Shatyr can offer the following: skating rink; aquapark; cinemas; paintball; mini-amusement park; slot machines; fear rooms.

All information about the opening hours and ticket prices is available on the official online resource of the mall

Metropolitan park

This option will be more to the liking of lovers of summer holidays and picturesque landscapes. There are also many different attractions in the park, although most of them are intended for young visitors. However, there are also more extreme options. Currently, the park is rapidly expanding and construction work is constantly underway here, so every year more and more interesting things will appear..

Photos of attractions in Astana