Best restaurants in Astana - photos, prices

Best restaurants in Astana

The main city of Kazakhstan in a good way shocks a tourist who comes here for the first time. The capital is getting prettier every day, beautiful architectural complexes are growing, monuments of Kazakh culture and history are being restored. The best restaurants in Astana in terms of service level are close to the best European establishments of a similar level with a century-old tradition..

Many market analysts argue that the restaurant business in Kazakhstan and Astana is in the top five in terms of profitability. The average client is not interested in any ratings, he needs delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere. This is what he can meet in many institutions of the capital..

Europe in Asia

The capital restaurant Augustin is designed in the best traditions of Mother Europe. French style in the interior of the establishment itself, in serving dishes and, most importantly, in the exquisite taste of dishes and snacks. What else to expect from a chef if he is Monsieur Jean-Philippe Gaume.

Although not only the classics of France are present here, one can note the most beautiful curtains, reminiscent of the scenery of an Italian opera; cobblestone square in the center of the hall in the style of old German towns.

On a flying carpet

«Alasha» - this name has one of the restaurants in Astana, and it is translated from the Kazakh language - «hand-woven carpet». According to oriental legends, such gifts were given to the most dear and desired guests..

Today at «Alasha» you can find true Kazakh hospitality, chic oriental cuisine and, of course, fragrant tea. Among the traditional dishes served in this restaurant, the most popular are:

  • pilaf, which is cooked here in a delicious oriental way;
  • traditional samsa - a layered cake with a fragrant crispy crust;
  • sorpu - local lamb soup;
  • oriental flatbreads, characterized by ease of preparation and unmatched taste.

Dessert is a real feast for gourmets who will find here amber raisins, baklava melting in their mouths, pistachios and dried apricots. Decorate the evening in the restaurant «Alasha» oriental beauties with their bewitching dances.

So, in Astana, both a local resident and a tourist have many opportunities to spend an interesting and beautiful evening in one of the local restaurants. You can choose an institution in the traditional Kazakh style, which is usually done by travelers from abroad. Or find places with European (Italian, French) cuisine. Customers note a fairly high level of service in the capital's restaurants and a rich assortment of dishes on the menu..