What to do in Astana? What to do and where to go in Astana?

What to do in Astana?

Astana is the capital of Kazakhstan: it is famous for its wide avenues, high-class hotels, mirrored skyscrapers, magnificent embankments.

What to do in Astana?

  • Visit the traditional oriental bazaar, which is located in the city center (here you can not only buy sweets, national clothes and souvenirs, but also watch the performances organized by Kazakh street artists);
  • See the three-level bridge on Vodno-Green Boulevard and walk along it (there is a parking lot on the 1st level, shops, exhibition halls, offices, restaurants on the 2nd, fountains, ornamental plants, trees and sculptures on the 3rd, creating ideal conditions for walking);
  • Visit the circus, the building of which is made in the form of a flying saucer;
  • Visit the tower “Baiterek” - there are cafes, aquariums and a gallery in it;
  • Admire the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation (it is made in the shape of a pyramid).

What to do in Astana?

It is worth starting a walk around the city from the Water-Green Boulevard, where the singing fountains are installed. If you wish, you can go for a river walk. So, you can take a boat to the mysterious Burabaya rock - Zhumbarkas, or rent a catamaran and ride it along the coast. And couples in love can go on a night boat trip to admire the shining of the stars and the moon..

Shopping in Astana is worth going to a large-scale shopping and entertainment center “Khan Shatyr” (the height of the building, which is a transparent tent, reaches 150 m): here, in addition to shopping arcades, there are restaurants, cafes, cinemas, a family park and a water park with wave pools and an artificial beach with white sand brought from the Maldives ... If you decide to purchase elite clothes, go to the Mega complex. In addition to shops, there are playgrounds and a children's amusement park..

You should definitely visit the entertainment center “Duman” - here you will see exact copies and models of famous historical monuments, shops, an oceanarium, you can visit a 3D cinema, and play gambling in a casino in the evening.

Particular attention should be paid to the Atameken memorial complex - it is both an open-air museum and a miniature copy of the map of Kazakhstan. In addition, by visiting the complex, you will see various historical monuments that are located on its territory..

Those wishing to spend time culturally should visit the Palace of Culture “Zhastar” - you will visit exhibitions, concerts and sporting events that take place here on a regular basis.

Rest in Astana will appeal to fans of shopping, active and nightlife.

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