Christmas in Kazakhstan, traditions, photos. How Christmas is celebrated in Kazakhstan 2016

Christmas in Kazakhstan

A country with a rich cultural and historical past, Kazakhstan in recent years has become especially popular with tourists from all over the world and, especially, Russia. A good neighbor and partner, this state can offer both an exciting cultural program and educational excursions for those who have come to celebrate Christmas in Kazakhstan and spend their New Year holidays here..

New traditions

Kazakhstan builds Orthodox churches, and every year parishioners get the opportunity to offer prayers in honor of the Nativity of the Savior. Catholics celebrate the bright day on December 25, and Russian parishioners - on January 6, as is customary in Russia.
Christmas is not celebrated especially widely in Kazakhstan, but a trip there can be filled with other impressions that a large country is willing to share generously.

Metropolitan things

The modern capital of Kazakhstan is Astana, and its main attraction and symbol is Baiterek. This majestic monument on the central square embodies the people's ideas about the structure of the universe. The almost 100-meter-high building is effectively illuminated at night, and in its underground tier there are cafes and restaurants where you can order a festive dinner and celebrate Christmas in Kazakhstan, having tasted the most delicious local cuisine.
Another attraction of the young capital is Khan-Shatyr. This is a tent built as an entertainment center. The tent is the largest in the world and houses supermarkets and department stores, cafes and cinemas, a water park and a huge car park.

Natural beauty

Fans of natural wonders should go on an excursion to Lake Kaindy, which is located in the Alatau gorge. In summer it is popular with divers, and in winter you can endlessly admire its beauty, because the surrounding landscape becomes truly fabulous. Kaindy rose at an altitude of 2000 meters above sea level, and is surrounded by steep cliffs overgrown with coniferous forests.
Another great natural attraction that you can include in your excursion plan for Christmas in Kazakhstan is Charyn Canyon. It stretches along the border with China for as much as 150 kilometers.This amazing natural monument with the Valley of Castles is in no way inferior in beauty and grandeur to its American counterpart - the Grand Canyon.
Christmas in Kazakhstan promises to be interesting and exciting for every curious traveler. After all, discovering new places for yourself is an excellent and original gift that fate can give a person.

Pictures of Christmas in Kazakhstan