Features of Kazakhstan - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country that belongs to Asia and Europe due to its unique location. What national characteristics of Kazakhstan should be taken into account?


Kazakhstan is home to 16.5 million people representing approximately 30 national groups. 60% of the population are Kazakhs, 25% are Russians. In addition, Ukrainians, Uzbeks, Germans, Uighurs, Belarusians, Tatars, Koreans live in Kazakhstan..

The state language adopted in official office work is Kazakh. In the political sphere, it is customary to communicate in Russian. Residents of the country most often know both languages..

Most of the residents are Muslims. It is important to note that 70% of citizens are Sunni Muslims, 26% are Orthodox Christians. The largest number of Muslims live in the southern regions.

Features of the national mentality

Kazakhs are distinguished by their hospitality and are ready to receive each person as a welcome guest, showing special respect. Ideally, the guest should come with his friends, close people, which expresses special honor. It is important to note that only a respected, old person can sit at the head of the table. At the table, the spouses should always sit next to each other..

Among other important traits of character, it is necessary to note peacefulness and tolerance. For this reason, interethnic, as well as religious conflicts can be successfully avoided.

Particular attention is paid to the greeting, which can occur with a two-handed handshake. If you only say hello to your friends, it will be considered a clear manifestation of disrespect for everyone else..

Behavior rules

There are various rules of conduct in Kazakhstan, which are usually called «adet». By keeping local etiquette in mind, you can ensure that you can impress every new acquaintance you meet. First of all, you should remember that the greeting turns out to be truly important. Many rules of etiquette are directly related to staying at a party, a joint meal. Every tourist should remember that etiquette largely depends on the principles of seniority, so the younger ones should show respect for the elders..

Kazakhstan is an interesting country for many people who want to learn how Asian and European cultures are intertwined.