Where to go with children in Astana. Entertainment for children in Astana

Where to go with children in Astana?

Arriving in the capital of Kazakhstan with the whole family, tourists think about the plan of events. Astana is a modern and beautiful city, which is famous for its unusual architecture.

What to see with a child

An ordinary walk along the main street will leave a lot of pleasant impressions. In the heart of the city, on Vodno-Zeleny Boulevard, the best architectural objects are located: the Ministry, the Government building, the Supreme Court, etc..

One of the best institutions in the city is the Russian Academic Drama Theater. M. Gorky. The performances of this theater are of interest to children and adults. For a walk, head to the Esil River Embankment. This is a great place for family leisure activities. Outdoor activities will give you pleasure, as you can see beautiful landscapes around the promenade. There you can also ride a catamaran or water tram, watch the performance of street artists and take a bike ride. You can end the day with dinner by visiting one of the cafes on the waterfront.

If you come to Astana in winter, you can go ice skating or go down the mountain on a sled. The Central Park of the city is located not far from the embankment. During the summer, exhibitions and fairs are held on its territory..

Walking around Astana, get to the State Symbols Square, which is located next to the circus. The peculiarity of this place is a huge flag waving in the wind. State awards are presented on the square on holidays.

An interesting object is the ethno-memorial complex «Map of Kazakhstan «Atameken». On a huge area there is a map of Kazakhstan with imitations of the main attractions. The tour guides will tell the story of each object. This complex allows you to make a short sightseeing tour throughout the state. The miniature park also has workshops where artisans work. They offer tourists handmade souvenirs.

The main square of the country is Independence Square, on which several architectural structures rise at once: the Palace of Independence, a monument and the National Museum of Kazakhstan. Next to these objects is the Palace of Peace and Reconciliation, otherwise called «pyramid». The Palace hosts exhibitions, concerts and excursions. There is a hall of Egyptian culture, which will be of interest to fans of the history of Ancient Egypt..

Active recreation for children

A good vacation with the whole family is possible in the entertainment center «Duman». On its territory there is an oceanarium, children's play area, cinema, jungle. For groups of 70 people or more, a chocolate show is held. There are also playgrounds for children in shopping and entertainment centers. «MEGA», Asia park, «Keruen».

Where to go with children in Astana so that adults would be interested too? To have a good time, contact the equestrian club «Kulager», which is 15 minutes from the city. Active recreation in nature is possible there: horseback riding, mini-football, paintball, volleyball, billiards. In winter, the club is skating and skiing. There are specially equipped playgrounds for children.