Children's camps in Kazakhstan for the summer. Children's camps in Kazakhstan 2015

Children's camps in Kazakhstan

Towards summer, many parents begin to select a children's camp. A trip to a sanatorium or camp is the best solution for summer vacations. Camping gives a child much more than resting at home. Children's camps in Kazakhstan are fresh air, beautiful nature, outdoor activities, communication with new friends. The camp programs include sports activities, hiking, theater performances, excursions, shows and discos. Children very quickly adapt to new living conditions and instantly find a common language with their peers.

Rest in Kazakhstan is a popular tourism destination

Recently, Russians have been willingly buying vouchers for children to Kazakhstan. The reason is the great tourism potential of this state. There are picturesque nature, ski resorts, historical sights. Ecotourism began to develop in Kazakhstan, which attracts tourists from Europe and Russia. A trip to this country provides an opportunity to get acquainted with its culture. The customs and traditions of the local people are very interesting. Kazakhstan seems unique to travelers: mountains, glaciers, semi-deserts, steppes, lakes, unusual fauna and much more are on its territory..

Children's rest in this country pursues not only educational, but also therapeutic goals. The main health-improving factor of the country is the climate. Experts identify 50 climatic zones in Kazakhstan. You can purchase a ticket to a rest house or sanatorium located in a mountain, forest or steppe zone. The country has boarding houses, dispensaries and children's camps, which are surrounded by pure nature. Sea or mountain air has a beneficial effect on humans.

Kazakh resorts are based on balneological treatment. Springs with mineral water and mud lakes are scattered throughout the country. All of them have medicinal properties and are recommended for visiting. One of the best Kazakh resorts is located in the Borovoe (Burabay) National Park. Nearby is the Kokshetau mountain and 14 lakes. In such a beautiful place, there are children's camps that invite children all year round. Bayanaul, Muyaldy, Alakol and others are also climatic resorts. Rest in these areas is useful for children and adults. Children's camps in Kazakhstan are most often vacation camps. They accept children during the holidays. Many of them implement innovative programs and give children new knowledge..

Beach holiday for children in Kazakhstan

Kazakh beaches are mainly located on the shores of lakes. They belong to health resorts, sanatoriums, campgrounds and camps. In the east of the country, there is a unique lake Balkhash, in which salt water is combined with fresh water. Beautiful lakes are Kul-Sey, Alakol, Zaisan, etc. An excellent beach holiday is possible in the resort of Aktau, on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Children's camps in the area offer all kinds of water activities.

Photos of children's camps in Kazakhstan