Prices in Kazakhstan - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Kazakhstan

Prices in Kazakhstan

Prices in Kazakhstan are quite high when compared with other Central Asian countries.
Since Kazakhstan has a developed banking system, it is possible to pay here with credit cards, but it is better to have cash in dollars or euros..

Shopping and souvenirs

Going shopping in Kazakhstan, you can update your wardrobe at more attractive prices than in Russia.

What to bring from Kazakhstan?

- national clothes, leather goods (their cost starts from 570 rubles), Kazakh backgammon (they cost from 3,500 rubles), silver jewelry, a figurine - a miniature copy of Bayterek (it costs about 500 rubles);
- cognac, sweets.
As a nice gift for loved ones, you can buy silver jewelry in one of the jewelry stores at a price of 570 rubles. In addition, you should definitely buy Kazakh cognac, the cost of which starts from 480 rubles..


You can go on a walking and bus tour "The best places of Almaty", during which you will visit the Park named after 28 Panfilov guardsmen, see the Holy Ascension Cathedral, the Memorial of Glory and the Eternal Flame, visit the Green Bazaar, where you can buy spices, oriental sweets and other products and goods (do not forget to bargain).
The approximate cost of a 3-hour excursion is 1600 rubles.
If you go on a walking and bus excursion "Surrounded by mountains", you will get acquainted with the beautiful mountains of the Zailiyskiy Alatau, which surround the city of Almaty. Climbing Mount Kok Tobe, you will be able to admire the view of the city, walk along the winding paths of the park located here and buy national souvenirs in the souvenir shop.
The approximate cost of the excursion is 3200 rubles.


Couples should plan a trip to the water park. For example, in the Water Park "Eighth Miracle" in the Gorky Park of Culture and Leisure (Almaty) there are 6 swimming pools, 8 slides and other attractions..
The approximate cost of rest - 800 rubles per adult and 600 rubles - per child.
And in the Kapchagai water park (Kapchagay) you will find sports and entertainment, jumping, pools with a slide and hydromassage, a lagoon, children's pools, a bungee.
The approximate cost of rest is 450 rubles for an adult and 350 rubles for a child.


The main means of transportation in Kazakh cities is the bus. For 1 ride on it, you will pay 10-16 rubles (it all depends on the city). For a trip on a trolleybus you will be charged 16 rubles, and on a tram - 10-16 rubles.
As for the metro fare, yellow tokens cost 16 rubles, and red ones (for children) - 8 rubles. If you wish, you can purchase a smart card (such a card costs 20 rubles without travel). You can buy trips to this card at the box office or vending machines..
Tokens are valid for a day, and smart cards are valid for 90 days (it can be extended).
If you plan to live in an inexpensive hotel, eat in cheap restaurants and travel around Kazakh cities by public transport, your expenses will be $ 20-40 per person per day. But daily expenses can be reduced even more by renting a private apartment, buying food in the markets and not taking a taxi..

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