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Car rental in Kazakhstan

This eastern country has always attracted travelers. There are a large number of resort areas here. And one should not think that Kazakhstan is a continuous bare steppe or desert. A country with such a rich history contains many interesting historical and cultural monuments. Therefore, renting a car in Kazakhstan will be the best option for you, because this way you can comfortably get to any place that interests you, whether it is a theater in the center of the old or new capital or the Bartogay tract - an amazing corner of the nature of this country.

And take, for example, the famous Kazakh resort Borovoe with its mountains, evergreen forests and pristine lakes. Moreover, in a rented car you can get to one more resort - Saryagash. It is rich in geothermal springs.

Features of traffic rules in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is a country where car rental is a fairly common service, and therefore in any of the major cities you can easily rent a vehicle for yourself. In fact, traffic rules in Kazakhstan are largely consistent with ours, Russian ones. But there are also a number of purely Kazakh features..

You should be wary of vehicles with beacons turned on and with a special sound signal, since they not only have an advantage over other road users, but can also deviate from a number of traffic rules requirements. And they will get nothing for it! And you, when moving around the territory of Kazakhstan, you need to be very careful and immediately give up the carriageway to such cars.

Another interesting feature of the traffic rules of this country: within the settlements, the vehicle has the right to move in any of the selected lanes.

But they don't stand on ceremony with drunks behind the wheel. In this republic, for drunk driving, and even in a mild degree of intoxication, the driver can be deprived of his license, at least for two years..

What to watch

You can visit amazing monuments of antiquity in a rented car in Kazakhstan. And at the same time, on the way to them, consider the picturesque landscapes, which are almost in ideal proportion with these monuments of antiquity. History buffs shouldn't ignore the architectural treasures in the ancient cities of Taraz, Shymkent and Turkestan. There are majestic mosques, sparkling with tiled azure domes. Famous madrasahs adjoin them, next to which magnificent gardens are fragrant. In the summer heat, you can cool off by the fountain. Here you can observe distant mountain ranges in the midday haze. Nature lovers can go to the amazing lakes of Kazakhstan.

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