Holidays in Kazakhstan with children - photos, resorts

Holidays in Kazakhstan with children

For Russians who have mastered a lot of exotic countries as vacation destinations, Kazakhstan may not seem like something special or surprising. In fact, in this country there are so many natural and man-made wonders that a vacation in Kazakhstan with children will become a particularly memorable event for both kids and older family members..

For or Against?

An unequivocal argument in favor of choosing Kazakhstan as a tourist destination is its balneological resorts. Sources of water with healing properties are located throughout the republic and you can go to a suitable health resort based not only on medical indications, but also on personal preferences. And also in the local area there is a very diverse nature, and travelers get every chance to spend their holidays on the seashore, and in the silence of forest lakes, and in the foothills, admiring the magnificent views of snow-capped peaks..
The republic cannot offer a special choice of beach resorts for organizing summer vacations in Kazakhstan with children, but the existing health resorts guarantee a decent level of infrastructure and quality of services..

Preparing properly

The absence of the need to make a visa saves time for Russian tourists when preparing a holiday in Kazakhstan with children. But it is worth taking care of the traveller's medical insurance policy in order to minimize all possible unforeseen expenses on the trip. No special vaccinations are required, but it is important to pay special attention to personal hygiene measures, especially in rural areas..

Passwords, appearances, addresses

The most popular places for recreation in Kazakhstan with children are natural recreational areas and the capital of the country:

  • The Caspian resorts of Steegle and Kenderli allow swimming and sunbathing from the beginning of May until the end of autumn. The climate of this part of the country is hot and dry, and therefore the water warms up for comfortable swimming earlier than in traditional Black Sea resorts..
  • In Astana, the capital of the country, children will enjoy an excursion to a modern oceanarium, a visit to a circus built in the shape of a flying saucer, and a gallery of singing fountains, giving a light and musical performance in the evenings..
  • Children's sanatoriums in the Bayanaul resort are a place where many ailments are treated with the help of healing mud and thermal waters. A health-improving course in one of the Kazakh health resorts will allow a little patient to get a boost of vigor for the upcoming academic year.