Prices in Pavlodar - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Pavlodar

Prices in Pavlodar

Pavlodar is located in Kazakhstan at a distance of 450 km from Astana. It is separated from the Russian Omsk 405 km. Prices in Pavlodar are of interest to those who are going to visit this interesting city.


The monetary unit of Kazakhstan is the tenge, denoted by KZT (inside the country, the designation T is used). In Pavlodar, you can easily exchange dollars for tenge. All exchange offices and banks accept euros. You can pay in rubles on the market. International credit cards are accepted for payment in shopping centers and hotels.


In Pavlodar there are hotels and hotels with 3-5 *. Hotels built in Soviet times are a budget option. The rooms have been redecorated. Business class hotels offer more expensive accommodation. The guests of such establishments use a standard set of services. Each room has a bathroom and a bath. For example, a hotel room «Kazakhstan» can be withdrawn for 2500 rubles. There are economy class hotels in Pavlodar, which provide a minimum range of services. Some rooms do not have bathrooms. The cheapest hotels sometimes lack hot water. Nice hotel rooms «Saryarka» cost from 800 to 2300 rubles per day.

Excursions in Pavlodar

The city has such attractions as the Cathedral of the Annunciation, the Bijan Mosque, the Catholic Church of St. Teresa and other objects. By ordering a sightseeing tour of Pavlodar, you can get acquainted with the history of each of them. An introductory tour of the old part of the city costs 540 tenge. A weekend tour with a trip to nature, in the vicinity of the city, costs 2000 tenge. A sightseeing tour is popular with vacationers. «Pavlodar-city on the Irtysh», which lasts 4 hours and costs 2000 tenge. For walks, residents of the city choose the embankment of the Irtysh. She's just buried in greenery. During excursions in Pavlodar, tourists visit the Mosque of Mashkhur Zhusup, the House of the Merchant Sorokin and other attractions.

Where to eat in Pavlodar

There are restaurants, cafes, pizzerias and canteens in the city. Many restaurants offer national dishes: beshbarmak, unleavened flat cakes, koumiss, meat snacks. Delicious food and affordable prices are observed in the restaurant «Leopard». There you can order steak, lamb on a tandoor, barbecue, barbecue on saxaul and other dishes. Interesting shows are held in the restaurant on weekends. The average invoice amount is 3 thousand KZT.

Shopping in Pavlodar

Tourists buy souvenirs, shoes and clothes in the national style, crafts made of wood and leather. Trinkets are very cheap on the market.