Capital of Libya: map, photo. What is the capital of Libya?

Tripoli - the capital of Libya

The city of Tripoli, the capital of Libya, was founded by the ancient Phoenicians before our era, scientists date this event to the 7th century BC. The first name sounded beautiful and melodious - Ea, the city received its modern name much later. Its roots are of Greek origin, in translation the name means «trograde», since in ancient times there were three cities.

The city is located in a cozy bay of the Mediterranean Sea, in the northwestern part of the country. Unfortunately, due to the difficult political and military situation, it is still difficult to talk about the tourist prospects of the Libyan capital, although there are ancient monuments and cultural attractions in the city..

The capital of oriental sweets

This is the name Tripoli once received. Indeed, a description of local delicious and beautiful sweets can take more than one page of a cook's book. Moreover, the cost is much lower than in neighboring Beirut, which is what the neighbors use..

The eastern atmosphere is the main asset of Tripoli, during the day you can see a crowded bustling city that does not know modern technologies and gadgets. Women are dressed in traditional clothes, headscarves and hijabs; men are doing the same things that their grandfathers and great-grandfathers did a century ago. Labyrinths of narrow streets beckon on a mysterious journey through the pages of Libyan history, where ancient architecture and amazing oriental music sounds.

Al-Jammah Al-Kabir

One of the most famous mosques in Tripoli has such a beautiful name. It housed the Church of St. Mary, built by the crusaders in the XII century. Then the cathedral was destroyed by the Mamluks, and on this very place a cult building of the followers of the Muslim faith appeared.

Oddly enough, the mosque is open to tourists, but you cannot get here when prayer is in progress. But women are allowed (!) Access, it is only important to wear special long raincoats with hoods. The mosque is beautiful not only externally, its interior decoration is also worthy of admiration, especially the multi-colored marble used in the decor.

East market

On any tourist map of Tripoli, one more attraction is always shown - the local bazaar. The longest rows are given to dealers in fabrics, sweets, and precious metals.

Fabrics and clothes in the national style are the pride of the capital's residents, their main difference from tourists. Gold and silver have also always been held in high esteem in the East, therefore, ancient jewelry traditions are still carefully preserved today..