Prices in Libya - food, souvenirs, transport. How much money to take to Libya

Prices in Libya

Prices in Libya, on average, are at the same level as in most Middle Eastern countries (water costs $ 0.6 / 1 l, lunch in a cheap cafe - $ 7-10).

Shopping and souvenirs

Ceramic products can be bought in specialized craft shops (here any vessel, pot, vase or plate you like will be made for you, as well as the ornament or pattern you have chosen will be applied to them), in bazaars. For pottery, you can also go to the town of Garyan (there are many pottery shops and stalls along the Tripoli-Garyan highway). On the Green Square in Tripoli, it is worth shopping at the Fergiani store’s Bookshop - famous for books written in French, Arabic, English, Italian (leather binding, ancient embossing method).

What to bring from Libya?

  • silver and gold jewelry with precious stones, ceramics, camel wool carpets, leather goods, animal figurines (camels, gazelles, desert foxes), national clothes, hookahs, apparatus and office equipment;
  • spices and seasonings, dates, tea.

In Libya, you can buy Tuareg folk products (jewelry, caskets, wallets, daggers, figurines, belts, sandals) from $ 10, spices - from $ 1, pottery - from $ 8-10, leather goods - from $ 30, gold products - for $ 11/1 g. 750 samples.

Excursions and entertainment

On a sightseeing tour of Tripoli, you will walk along the Green Square, see the Gazelle Fountain, Maidan El Zhazair, the Dat El Imad business center, mosques and fortresses of the old city, as well as visit the National Museum. For this excursion, you will pay about $ 40.

Going on an excursion to Garyan, you can see the house of the troglodyte, as well as visit the ceramic factory (here you can buy souvenirs). This excursion will cost you $ 30-35.

If you wish, you can go on a trip that involves visiting the oases and lakes of the Sahara (the approximate cost of entertainment with lunch is $ 150). Or you can go on a trip across the Sahara, where the main entertainment will be jeep racing on the dunes. During the tour, you will be able to ski slalom across the Sahara. On average, you will pay $ 160 for entertainment..


Public transport in the country is practically undeveloped, so it is advisable to use taxi services. For a taxi ride within the city of Tripoli, you will pay about $ 5-12. If you wish, you can rent a car - on average, 1 day of rental costs $ 45-80 (the price depends on the car brand).

If you consider yourself to be an economical tourist, then on vacation in Libya you can keep within $ 30 per day for 1 person (accommodation + meals). But in order to feel more comfortable, you will need $ 85 per day for 1 person.