Features of Malta - communication, cuisine, traditions

Features of Malta

Features of Malta

Until recently, this beautiful island was under British protectorate, fortunately, the customs, traditions and national characteristics of Malta have not been lost. The country, which has become independent, is developing at a rapid pace, not only in industry or finance, but also in infrastructure. The inhabitants of the island understand that the influx of tourists largely depends on the development of the recreation and entertainment system. Traditions and rituals preserved from ancestors are also factors that are attractive to guests from abroad..

Folk holidays

Village festivals, holidays and festivities in Malta are echoes of ancient customs. So, the Days of Saints have been celebrated everywhere for more than five hundred years. The knights-johannites were the first who laid this tradition, they continue and support the modern inhabitants of the island..

Mnarya is a local national holiday held in honor of Saints Peter and Paul. The festival program, which takes place in Busquette Park, includes a wide variety of events, including:

  • exhibitions and demonstrations of animals and crops;
  • culinary duels and tastings;
  • traditional Maltese music performances.

Some of these activities are repeated on other smaller celebrations, such as a family one..

Maltese wedding

The solemn unification of two loving hearts into one family is an important event for the Maltese and a beautiful sight for tourists. Over the centuries, the rite, of course, has changed somewhat, but many traditions have survived to the present day..

Since most of the Maltese are Catholics, the wedding ceremony is held in the nearest church. The celebration itself is most often organized outdoors, in gardens or in halls. A pleasant moment for guests - each of them receives a small gift from the newlyweds in memory of this important event for them and as a sign of respect for those who came to share the joy. Another Maltese tradition is to serve perlini at a wedding - sugar-coated almonds. The recipe came from Italy, but found many fans on the island..

Local time

Many tourists note the beauty of Maltese temples and try to solve the riddle of why each such structure has two pairs of clocks, while showing different times. The Maltese themselves humorously argue that the time is different so that the devil's forces do not know exactly when the time of the next service will begin, and could not interfere.


  • Features of Malta
  • Features of Malta
  • Features of Malta